Chopta Trek: A Complete Trekking Guide

Chopta Trek


Chopta is a hill station set in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand at a height of 2600 metres, frequently known as Mini Switzerland Among callers. The journey begins at the celebrated Tungnath Temple in Chopta, which offers stirring lookouts of the Himalayas as well as a different range of foliage and creatures to appreciate. Because of its natural beauty and lack of commercialization, Chopta is blessed with gorgeous meadows and good hiking paths all the time. This is the starting point for the Tungnath Trek, which will dazzle your senses and give you a thrilling touring adventure.

How To Reach 

Haridwar, which is fluently accessible by road, train, and air, is the starting position for the Chopta tungnath trip. Take a drive along National Highway 58, which connects cosmopolises and lower metropolises to this lovely megacity. Haridwar is a well-connected location, with numerous motorcars running between Delhi and Haridwar on a regular basis. Railway networks link to the Haridwar Junction Railway Station, which is within walking distance of colorful hospices, from major metropolises like New Delhi (4-5 hours) and Dehradun (1 hour). Take a trip to the Gleeful Grant Airport, which is 36 kilometres from Haridwar and has regular breakouts from Delhi. To go to Haridwar, hacks are readily available from this field. 

Stylish Season 

Callers say that Chopta is an excellent hiking position all time. Still, we propose that you share in this inconceivable adventure during the months of March and May when the rainfall is favourable and the decor is crisp and beautiful. This walking adventure will allow you to take in the stirring lookouts at their finest, with a clear sky and a stimulating wind. 

About the locals 

Haridwar is a holy megacity nestled at the bottom of the Shivalik Himalayan peaks. It’s located along the Ganga’s inflow path, which has a religious significance. Given the multitudes of addicts that go to this beautiful megacity to offer their prayers and take a plunge in the Ganges, the locals are relatively kind. The townies are exceedingly regardful to guests and cleave to their religious godliness in a methodical manner. Their brotherhood inspires compassion, and their pride in the megacity’s saintship is reflected in their conduct. 

Elevation Points 

The trip takes you from Haridwar to Devariyatal Lake, which is located at an elevation of 2440 metres. This magnificent position gives a stirring view of the Chaukhamba hills. You’ll pass once Chopta, which rises altitudinous at 3000 m and has beautiful serene geographies, as you continue on your rise. Continue on your trip to Tungnath, which sits at a stirring elevation of 3680 metres, and also to the fabulous Chandrashila Top, which is at 4130 metres. 


The package will include the demanded entrance freights at particular checkpoints, journey permits, and obligatory timber camping charges in the region for the duration of the hike. Before making a reservation, please corroborate with the organisers. 

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Medical Advice 

During the trip, the attendants will have a well-equipped first-aid tackle on hand. Still, antiseptics, nonentity repellents, tradition specifics, and other first-aid accoutrements should be carried with you at all times. Although all preventives should be taken, it’s always a good idea to master introductory healthcare chops in case of an emergency. Exigency reanimation (CPR) and other standard medical information concerning altitude sickness are among them. Along with symptoms similar as headaches, wakefulness, gastrointestinal troubles, respiratory problems, ataxia, and the suchlike, touring is linked to a larger current illness known as Acute Mountain Sickness. Please visit your croaker before embarking on your adventure to gain traditional specifics for similar eventualities, and only take them if absolutely necessary, as they’re potent and have serious side goods, Also, Read delta airlines reservation phone number.

Things to carry 

Touring thrills in good condition – camp shoes for crossing gutters and visiting Devariyatal – When walking in the Himalayas, a brace of thick woollen socks Norway hurts. 

  • Keep a warm downtime jacket on hand to deal with the deep freeze. 
  • Touring Pants are needed for peak ascents. 
  • Cover yourself from the piercing deep freeze by wearing a woollen chapeau. 
  • Sunglasses to cover against the light of the sun 
  • Sun Protection 
  • A water bottle with a capacity of 2 litres 
  • Pole for touring 
  • A first- aid tackle is needed for this hike. 

Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1 Train to Haridwar for the night 
  • Day 2 Drive from Haridwar to Sari, also hike to Devariyatal. 
  • Day 3 Devariyatal-Chopta Trek 
  • Day 4 Trek from Chopta to Tungnath (3680 metres), Chandrashila Top (4130 metres), and return to Chopta. 
  • Day 5 Trip from Chopta to Haridwar and also to New Delhi via rail.