Choosing the Right Lot for Your Calgary Custom Home


Most first-time homeowners purchase a quick possession, also called a cookie-cutter or spec home. But they can get a custom home within or close to their budget, provided they have the right builder. Another crucial thing to consider when buying custom homes Calgary is the lot size.

Choosing the right site and lot size for your needs can be exciting. But it is vital to compare the pros and cons of each lot type and narrow your selections.

Lot Features to Consider for Your Custom Home Build
When selecting a lot, you can get guidance from experienced builders of custom homes Calgary. They have projects across various communities, from which you can finally settle on one.

Here are the major considerations for your custom homesite:

If you have children, you probably want to live near their school. Apart from that, the lost should also be in proximity to transit corridors, recreation avenues, shopping centers, and hospitals.

Check if the place you choose has convenient access to public parks, walking trails, and other neighbourhood places. However, also keep in mind that as proximity to these amenities increases, you will also be closer to noise and traffic.

Corner Lots
Younger families and those that love open spaces will benefit from buying a corner lot. These lands are usually larger and have traffic on two sides. This means there will be more area for parking and a front yard.

If you want to have fewer neighbours but like to host social gatherings, the frontage provides many opportunities. But the upkeep costs and efforts for landscaping, snow shovelling, or yard maintenance are higher.

Pie Lots
Pie lots, also called cul-de-sacs, are much quieter and safer and at the end of the street. If there is little traffic movement to and from the house, these lots are perfect for you. For instance, families with young kids don’t need much access to the roadside but can enjoy their playtime in the backyards.

Pie-shaped lots are wider in the back, allowing you to set up a pool, play area, trampoline, or other fun structures. The main drawback is that if it is a narrow lot, the driveway can be longer, and you park further back.

Walk-Out Lots
Lots with walk-out basements don’t feel cramped but open up the space towards the backyard. The back of your home will be level with the basement, typically with large windows. The main advantage is that you can use the basement for extra storage or as a guest or teenager’s room.

If you frequently access the backyard, this is the lot type to buy. Particularly if the lot has a pond or green spaces as the backdrop, the view will be spectacular. However, the basement can become a blind spot as a deck from the house covers the area.

The direction sun’s rays hit the house can be a big factor when picking the lot. If you work from home or have huge windows, choosing a south-facing or west-facing lot will bring in the most natural light during the day.

So, depending on your interests, daily activities, and profession, such as gardening, painting, etc., choose the best possible lighting situation. Besides, getting ample sunlight in winter can mean a massive reduction in heating costs, but summer can get too warm without the right landscape design.

Other things to think of around the lot are green spaces and water bodies. Homesites backing onto ponds or woods are a bit expensive but worth the picturesque views.

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