Choosing LED Tail Light Bulbs for Your Chevy Silverado


It’s no secret that LED tail light bulbs will last longer than their stock, factory incandescent or halogen counterparts. In fact, they not only last longer, but draw less power, and are more reliable. Add in the fact that they can improve the brightness of your tail lights, reach full brightness immediately, and are easy to replace, and you have almost no reason not to replace them.

If you’re thinking about replacing the tail lights and turn signals in your Chevy Silverado with replacement LED tail light bulbs, Diode Dynamics (at offers several direct, plug and play replacements for the stock 7440/7443 bulbs your vehicle likely currently contains.

-The HP48 LED tail light bulbs from Diode Dynamics are the most basic model. These consist of 48 LEDs set in an omnidirectional design; the light contains a diffusing cover for even light output and a cosmetically pleasant appearance even when the lights are not powered on. These lights are rated at 250 lumens per bulb.

-Another option for direct replacement is the HP11, which contains four COB-type LEDs along with one high-power chip mounted at the top of the light. These LEDs feature a full-metal heat sink for superior heat dissipation and reliability. They are not polar and CK compatible and rated at 310 lumens per bulb.

-The final and most powerful option in LED tail light replacement bulbs for stock 7440/7443s is the XP80. These LED tail light bulbs consist of 16 high-power LEDs arranged in multiple directions for even, multi-directional lighting. It also contains a metal heatsink for optimal dissipation and reliability. They are also the brightest option available at Diode Dynamics for Chevy Silverado tail lights, rated at 510 lumens per bulb. One thing to note – they are polar, so if you install them and they do not light up, simply remove them, rotate them 180 degrees and replace them in the socket.

What it will most likely come down to is a matter of light output. These are all red lights and all plug-and-play solutions for direct replacement of your Chevy Silverado factory 7440 or 7443 bulbs. Simply choose the one which offers your preferred brightness level and replace them.

You can find step-by-step tutorials on Diode Dynamics’ YouTube Channel, including videos with detailed guides on replacing tail light bulbs. Check out their video on “How to install tail light bulbs in a 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado” for more information.

The great thing about these LED replacement bulbs (all of them) is that regardless of their respective features, and regardless of their light output rating, they are all plug-and-play replacements. This means all you need to do to complete the replacement at home is remove the tail light housing, pop out the old bulbs, and pop in the new ones. It’s as simple as that.

Now, due to the lower power draw of these LED tail light bulbs, your turn signals might “hyperblink” because the truck may “believe” them to be out. If that’s the case, simply install a resistor in order to solve this problem. Check out the video at the previous link for more information and for a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix the problem.

If you have any additional questions regarding these or Diode Dynamics’ other LED tail light bulbs and replacement LED lights, please visit their website at You can also contact their customer service team directly with questions or comments by phone or email, at 314-205-3033 or at, respectively.

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