Choose the 5 Best Football Cleats for Your Wide Feet and Enhance Your Playing Career

Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet
Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet

Are you looking for the best wide-footed football cleats? You’ve arrived at the right location. You can find Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet through this article. Having the right pair of football cleats will boost your on-field performance. Furthermore, boosting your performance allows you to concentrate more on having fun while playing. Your cleats should fit your foot and contain the appropriate studs for your playing surface. Finally, your football cleats must be the correct style for your field position.

Let Me Explain to You With Best Cleats and They Are Written as Bellow:

1. Adidas Copa Mundial FG

They’re at the top of our list because they’re still popular despite the lack of spectacular colors or features in current soccer shoe designs. They aren’t equipped with sophisticated soleplates. If there’s a flaw with these classic cleats, they’re a touch unsteady when you’re travelling sideways on the pitch. The Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats are a sure bet.

PROS: Net fit lacing technology ensures a custom fit and feel. It’s comfortable and feels natural right out of the box.

CONS: It’s a little pricey. There are only a few areas where the lacing method is used. The material on the top is a touch stiff.

2. Puma Men’s King Platinum Fg/Ag

The Puma King Platinum FG/AG Men’s Soccer Cleats are ranked second. Since the introduction of the first Puma King, the family has always been large. Best football cleats for wide feet lineman As a cult favorite, this shoe is comparable to the Adidas Copa.. You’ll rarely want to wear anything else after wearing a pair of Kings. That is a development of the previous version. This boot’s kangaroo leather upper material is authentic to the original and will fit the biggest foot on the planet. Puma’s 3D ‘touch’ texture is also included in this version for improved control.

The King Platinum is the lightest King they’ve ever made, combining the iconic football boot with contemporary style. They are making a cleat that will last for centuries.

PROS: Aciform gives you better ball control. Soccer cleats with an extra-wide toe box! Break-in is simple and quick.

CONS: the ankle collar is a little slack.

3. New Balance 442 FG V1 Soccer Shoe

Leather is use for the upper portion of these boots. New Balance has also discovered a formula that combines old and new, developing a shoe that combines player touch with classic shoe durability. They are mostly called the Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet in the list. The 442 FG V1 is ideal for hard ground conditions thanks to its develop rubber sole and cylindrical spikes. The full-grain leather upper is ideal for wide feet because it stretches to fit your foot’s width.

Is there a pattern here? Because of their flexibility and ability to stretch to suit a wide foot, most of the best cleats for wide feet are actual leather rather than synthetic material.

They will need a break-in period, like any other leather shoe. Do you want to use bright colors? The 442 FG V1 also includes some modern flash. They’re available in various colors, including blue, red, white, black, and my personal favorite. GREEN!

PROS: Long-lasting wearing shoes. New Balance manufactures cleats designed for broader feet, with classic leather upper and a modern rubber sole.

CONS: There are a period of change. It may appear to be heavier than other current footwear.

4. Tekela V3 Magia Firm Ground Soccer Shoe by New Balance for Men

The New Balance Tekela V3 Magi FG is rank fourth on the list. That is the first cleat on the list with a synthetic upper. Because New Balance makes it, its wide-feet football cleats are the best for the wide-fit variant. Our prior pick, the Adidas X16 + Pure Chaos FG, has been replaced.

New Balance used two of its innovative technologies. The upper’s Kinetic Stitch and Integrated Hypo knit provide fantastic support, stretch, and flexibility balance. That makes them excellent for soccer players with wide feet who don’t want to compromise on design or technology.

A TPU coating on the upper gives greater touch and stability.

PROS: Lace less two-piece plate system. The top is make of a synthetic material that is both flexible and supportive.

CONS: The midcourt and ankle are fitted.

5. Copa Sense.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe by Adidas

The lace slip-on style of this boot gives you the feel of a lace less cleat with the added security of laces—the best youth football cleats for wide feet. The flexible collar keeps the shoe close to the foot and prevents it from slipping, yet it also opens wide for simple access. Although they are not high ankle sock shoes, the collar gives them a sock-like sensation when worn. Players with wide feet will appreciate the smooth leather forefoot. It conforms to the shape of your foot and expands as needed. That means the toe box has more room, and the soccer boot accommodates big feet.

The seamless top is another amazing feature of the sneaker.

PROS: Soft leather upper enhances ball sensitivity and touch Dynamic fit collar. Toe box with plenty of room

CONS: Some players have claimed that the collar is not elastic enough, making it difficult to pull the shoe on.


If you’re doubtful, you should discover whether you have wide feet for yourself. Select Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet because you’re spending extra for better-fitting soccer shoes, it contradicts the purpose of buying high end cleats. So, if your soccer cleats don’t fit, you’re not getting the right size, and you’re not getting your money’s worth, you’re wasting your money.