Child Tax Credit: How to File Taxes if You Have Zero Income


Do you have no income? If so, then you are not legally obligated to file a Federal tax return. Still, if you want to file your taxes with zero income can get the child tax credit. Don’t worry – it is completely legal. If this sounds like something that might interest you, read on for more information about can you get child tax credit with no income!

The child tax credit is a Federal government program in place to help low-income families. This means that, unlike other benefits or programs which can only be applied for once per year, this one can be claimed every single year where appropriate.

If your family meets certain qualifications with respect to household size and earned income, filing taxes can result in getting up to $2000 from the federal government just for having children! In addition, if you have three or more qualifying dependents then you can potentially receive an additional refund of up to $1000 on top of what was already received from the first part of the program. All told, it’s possible for some families to get up to $4000 per year from the child tax credit.

If you are someone who has little or no earned income – whether through a job, self-employment, disability pay, unemployment benefits, investments of some kind etc. – then you don’t need to worry about filing your Federal tax return because that is not legally required in these cases.

However, even though there’s no obligation it can be worth seeing if applying for this program can help benefit your family! After all, qualifying families can receive thousands of dollars every single year which could make an enormous difference when it comes to day-to-day living expenses and so on. So go ahead and file your taxes to see if you can you get child tax credit with no income!