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Cherry Wine is a hybrid of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. It has a uniquely high CBD content of 15 to 20 percent, which is perfect for adding flavor and CBD to a hemp farm. Its THC levels are average, so Cherry Hemp Seeds offers a great way to add cannabinoid levels to any licensed hemp farm.

The Wife x Charlotte’s Cherries

The Wife is a hybrid of unknown heritage. But, she’s got one of the highest CBD levels we’ve seen to date and is impressively durable. The Wife might not be too impressive to the eye, but she’s got a fruity, floral flavor that turns heads for all the right reasons. With an average of about 20% CBD, this strain tops the charts.

The Wife is a moderate plant that needs about 5-6 feet of space to grow to its full potential. She prefers full sun and will produce an abundance of trichomes if given ample time to do so. The Wife does not like excessive humidity, though, and performs better in less humid environments. With the right conditions, she will begin producing resin in her last few weeks of flowering.

Charlotte’s Cherries is a high-CBD strain with a subtle cherry flavor. The CBD content can be anywhere from 10 to 15 percent. As for the taste, it has a sweet yet funky flavor with a touch of cherry and skunk. Charlotte’s Cherries has beautiful bright green trichomes that spat on the thin orange hairs. It is also known for its pleasant sweet perfume. One of the most appealing features of Charlotte’s Cherries hemp is that it has a sativa-like growth pattern. That means farmers can collect more CBD-rich resin per acre than many smaller varieties.

Charlotte’s Cherries is a versatile hemp product with a high cannabinoid content. It sells well on the open market and is in line with both hemp processors and high-end smokers. The reason for this is that Charlotte’s Cherries is perfect for both extraction and smokeable products.

Growing Cherry Wine

The Cherry Wine hemp strain prefers alkaline, organic soil and needs little pesticide or other chemical additives. Cherry Wine’s height is typically between 5 and 6 feet and it thrives in high heat and abundant sun exposure. Cherry Wine is not the type of plant to expect to produce a lot of flowers in comparison to its size. Cherry Wine will produce about four to five flowers for every foot of height. It can take up to ten weeks from the beginning of its flowering period for Cherry Wine to be fully grown.

Cherry Wine is perfect for hemp farming, as it’s been specifically designed to be compliant and predictable. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this plant will grow in any climate and offers a huge harvest window. Growers nationwide are turning to Cherry Wine, because it offers a great way to start a hemp farm of any size.

Buy Cherry Wine Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a popular choice among the hemp-growing community. Cherry Wine is a cultivar with superb CBD levels and very low THC, making it compliant in much of the U.S. Contact Colorado Breeders Depot for more information about growing Cherry Wine in your own garden. We can’t wait to share our fantastic selection with you.

Cherry Hemp Seeds from Colorado Breeders Depot

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