7 Charisma-Building Exercises for Students with a Low Self-Esteem

7 ways students can build charisma and improve their self-esteem

There are no hard and fast rules for acquiring self-confidence. Confidence is a mindset that needs to be developed by adopting particular behavior patterns. The core of confidence-building is believing in yourself and accepting who you are.

Having low self-esteem begins at an early age. It might happen because of the mistreatment of people close to you. Sometimes it starts surfacing during middle or high-school years. You begin to notice the differences between yourself and others and think yourself inadequate. This can deteriorate positivity and decision-making abilities, affecting every area in life.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these issues and regain control of your life. Valuing yourself leads to a peaceful existence with others around you. Otherwise, shuttering negativity inside can result in unstable relationships. Read ahead to learn some effective ways to improve self-esteem for a stronger and more satisfied mindset.

Things That Play a Major Role in Improving Self-Esteem

Make a list of positive things about you

It is essential to realize your own worth. Think about why you are a great person to be with. Believing in yourself is not as easy as it sounds, therefore this list will serve as concrete support. Focusing on your strengths and attributes boosts your self-confidence. Keep adding to the list as looking back on it will reveal your personal growth.

Act without overthinking

The human brain has a defense mechanism that triggers every time we do something new. It indicates an action never done before can be potentially dangerous. Although a great trick for survival, this can be a huge obstacle for people struggling with low confidence. Therefore, learn to act instead of dwelling too long on a situation. Or else your mind will start crowding with doubts that will hold you back. Counting to five seconds before taking an action will not leave any room to overthink.


Meditate to relax and dissolve the feeling of unnecessary self-consciousness over every step you take. Negative thoughts can keep you from performing well in exams, assignments, or presentations. Getting professional assistance from Write My Essay London can be a great solution for that. Meditation on the other hand also silences the anxious voices revolving in your head. Your concentration and sleep schedule will also improve with this practice.

Build your willpower

Your willpower is similar to any muscle in your body. Strengthening the prefrontal cortex of our brain hugely influences your willpower. Cold showers, weightlifting, sleeping for 8-hours straight, and a healthy diet all contribute towards it. They also greatly benefit your mental and physical well-being. Leading a healthier life automatically encourages a strong and positive perspective of everything around you.

Work on your body language

Our body language directly impacts our emotions. Frowning and carrying a slouching posture will evoke depression and uncertainty. Try practicing a powerful stance. Stand with your feet wide apart, breathe deep, keep your back straight, and smile. Didn’t that uplift your mood a hundred times?

Of course, you cannot go for a power stance when facing a social situation. But you can consciously work on your posture and body language in person. A confident appearance ultimately nurtures a confident personality. It will also give more weight to your ideas and viewpoint when presenting them in class. Successful communication is closely connected to positive body language.

Practice social freedom

Most of our confidence issues emerge when we are with other people. Exposure to social interaction causes anxiety and deteriorates confidence. Social freedom exercises help in overcoming the stress and fear of communicating with people. You can do the following things in public to develop confidence:

• Sing loudly
• Ask for ten high-fives from different strangers
• Jump around
• Lie on a park bench
• Wear a vibrant dress
Treat these exercises like a dare and get a few friends to join you. Make it fun and thrilling. Pretty soon your social anxiety will lessen to a great degree.

Warm-up before important communication sessions

Warming up is a state that allows you to enter the mental state you need to perform a particular task. Communicating publicly is not so much different from a taxing athletic competition. It is essential to warm up before important interactions like a class presentation, admission interview, joining a college social club, and more.

How to warm up for a conversation though? You can use one of the social freedom exercises mentioned above. Or simply try talking with someone you are comfortable with. Relax your mind and keep your nerves from getting on edge. Instead of obsessing over what you have to do, distance yourself from it for a while. Once you are calm and feel good about yourself, it is much easier to adopt a confident public persona.

Final Thoughts

Working upon your inner self is the only way to increase your confidence level. But it does not have to be a task you work upon by yourself. Having a small yet trusted group of people to support you can get faster results.

Do not be afraid to let go of people who are toxic and belittle who you are. Keep those loved ones close who share their affection unconditionally and are loyal to the core. Share with them your struggles and they will motivate you to overcome them.
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