Changing Styles of Drapery on Rods

Drapery on Rods

Drapes are back in style again but just with a subtle difference. Just like it was during the early days, drapes are once again a popular choice for homeowners. Drapery on rods are ornated with elaborate valances, tassels, swags, etc. to add grandeur and opulence to the entire home décor. Usually, draperies are overloaded with fabrics, but these days, draperies have minimalist decorative designs with various choices of fabrics that will help you in creating a diverse look for the interior. 

  • Material 

Draperies made of satin, velvet, or other exotic fabric add sophistication and immense style to any room. 

  • Patterns 

For drapery on rods, you can have a wide range of patterns like animal prints, geometrical, contemporary, modern, etc. to incorporate into your window treatment. You will get plenty of choices to sync drapery designs with your interior and furnishing. 

  • Accessories and Hardware 

Earlier draperies meant elaborate coverings, like valances and swags, and excessive fabrics that catered to a formal and heavy look. However, the current trend in drapery shows something different – simplicity with style. This chic look is incorporated through fashionable hardware such as finials, rods, and tie-backs of ceramic, wood, metal, glass, etc. that offer an embellished look to a window. Also, drapery on rods with grommets is a growing trend. 

  • Pleats 

Pleated draperies are in trend and so, you can find varieties of pleats in the market. Looser, longer pleats are in vogue these days because they blend beautifully with an informal as well as formal look. You can also get draperies to have the best combination in interior decoration. 

  • Motorization 

Home automation is being integrated these days in huge numbers. Motorization of drapery on rods not only adds modernization to a home but also makes tasks easier. You can operate any window treatment by just pressing a button. This smart window treatment saves on energy bills, ensures child safety and gives UV protection. 

These are the latest trends of drapery prevailing today in home décor.