Apps like Gojek have painted the canvas of the on-demand service industry with vibrant hues by providing a feature-rich app that enables customers to avail services online through one single login.

Gojek Clone is a Multi-tasker!

Brian Clark of Fargo is a young charming Tour Guide of North Dakota. While having his Stone Ground Wheat Bread with Juneberry Jam for breakfast, he gets a request on his Gojek Clone App from a French traveler Adrienne Monet to go see Theodore Roosevelt National Park and National Buffalo Museum. Brian immediately takes his 2009 Honda Odyssey EX FWD out and reaches Hotel Donaldson to pick Adrienne up.

Yummy Egyptian Food

By the time he reached, Adrienne had already ordered Koshari and Char-Broiled Chicken Kebabs from Suna’s Egyptian Eatery using this On-Demand Multi Services App after browsing through the menu in French and also paid via the in-app wallet in Euros. She is now worried about her 7 month-old Cuddles – a British Shorthair male kitten because his cat food won’t even last a day. 

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Cat Food – Cuddles loves this!

She calls up her Hotel Reception and asks them about the nearest grocery mart. Receptionist Isabelle informs her that there’s a mart which is hardly a mile away – Family Fare Supermarket and gives her the store number. Adrienne enquires about the product at the Family Fare. The store says they do have it but their Delivery Partner is off on a leave. She makes an online payment and asks the Supermarket to give the product to a Delivery Runner from Gojek Clone App. She appointed a Delivery Runner from the app and instructed Mathew to simply pick up five Pounds of Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Cat Food from the Family Fare Supermarket which is already paid for and deliver it to the Hotel. She pays hardly $4.76 for the Delivery Runner’s services.

Brian, Adrienne and Cuddles embark on their venturesome day! 

Now they are off to their first destination 329 miles away – Theodore Roosevelt National Park. She’s happy because first she is travelling abroad for the very first time after adopting a month-old Cuddles from an Animal Shelter Care in Lyon six months ago and second her tummy is fully-filled because it is going to be a close to five hour journey. 

Oops! Brian cannot be there at nephew’s birthday party? What to do?  

When Adrienne was busy clicking pictures of Elk and Prairie Dogs at the National Park, Brian appointed a Delivery Genie to buy a 10 inch Pecan Praline Bundt Cake with cream cheese and butter frosting from Nothing Bundt Cakes situated at 816 24th Avenue East, Suite 120, West Fargo, North Dakota. The Genie has to then deliver it to the Willow Park residential area. Brian paid $56 for the cake and the services rendered by the Genie. The cake cost him $36 while the remaining $20 were paid for Delivery Genie’s services.

You can do it all with this Powerful Gojek like App. It rolls in money for you because of the way its business model has been structured. There are two business models to choose from – Earn commission per order or monthly Subscription Plans.

Commission-based business model

Service Providers of this All-In-One-Services app have to pay commission to the App Owner for every service rendered through the platform. This commission is a certain percentage of the total bill that is charged from the User. It is the App Owner that decides what percentage of the commission to be charged from the Service Provider based on the type and genre of the service.

Subscription-based business model

The App Owner asks the Service Providers to buy monthly Subscription Plans with a fixed one time-payment instead of shelling out bucks on every order as commission. The Service Provider is then free from the heavy baggage of paying a part of earnings every single time a service is rendered. But these Subscription Plans come with an expiry date and once expired the Service Providers can no longer accept service requests.

Conclusion:Gojek Clone App is a brand that customers blindly trust because of its transparency and time-bound deliveries. And now they have fallen in love with this app after it introduced corona-safety measures to curb the spread of this Covid-19. Face Mask verification for the Taxi Drivers before starting the ride, uploading pictures of clean sanitized kitchens to ensure World Health Organization’s safety protocols are meticulously followed. And these are just two of the 14 new corona-specific features introduced to help safeguard the health status of the individuals.