Canadian News Network Has Replaced The Human Journalists With Digital Synthetic Humans


The art of journalism is one of the noblest professions on earth. Throughout centuries, people have relied on the word of those entrusted to deliver the news as it was the only way of communicating. From scrolls to carrier pigeons to newspapers into the age of technology, journalism is paramount to the functioning of society.

One news organization located in Canada has taken a monumental step toward the future of journalism using Digital Synthethic AI Humans. This type of technology allows the news organization to deliver the daily news using ultrarealistic AI humans.

“Unless told the news anchors are Digital Synthetic AI’s; you would not know they were not live humans.” Said CEO Donovan Ralph Martin.

Martin prides himself on having the most realistic digital humans in the industry as their news anchors. He credits the fantastic company out in Europe for developing the technology and sees the corporation’s vision to implement it into The Daily Scrum News. While some news outlets are still considering if they should be entering this space, they are doing so with cartoonish looking virtual assistance, nothing like what is happening at The Daily Scrum News.

Martin envisions all journalists in the future will have a digital clone of themselves to extend their careers. Martin is in the process of digitizing himself and the core journalists within the corporation. Over time, he expects all journalists working at The Daily Scrum News will also have a digital counterpart.

As with any new technology, there will always be pushed back, especially with the advent of deep fakes. It occurs when a person’s likeness is substituted for an existing image or video. Creating fake content is nothing new, but deepfakes use powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to manipulate or create visual and audio content that has a high potential to deceive.

This technology has raised many ethical concerns and is already used by some bad actors for nefarious purposes. Governments worldwide have signaled the need to regulate this type of tech because when it’s weaponized, it can topple governments or install dictatorial regimes.

Martin sees itself as a gatekeeper to how it uses its Digital Synthetic Humans and will never deploy them in a way that loses the trust of its audience.