Buying a weapon – important information you need to know


From the age of 18, you can buy the following types of weapons: gas, long-barreled smooth-bore firearms for self-defense, sports, hunting, signal, cold bladed weapons for the national costume.

Civilian firearms of limited destruction can only be purchased from the age of 21. Up to this age – only during military service, as well as in the presence of a military or special rank. The age difference is explained by the fact that civilian limited firearms can be carried for self-defense. If you are looking for a reliable store to buy online, please visit gunsammooline for bulk ammo with free shipping.

Buying a weapon – important information you need to know

  • This increases the risk of its use – for example, a traumatic pistol.
  • Therefore, the owner of such a weapon must be at least 21 years old.
  • The owner of the weapon must know how to use it, what are the design features.
  • Therefore, some types of weapons can only be purchased under a license, after preparation and if there are no medical contraindications.

When you need a license to buy weapons

A license is a document that is needed to purchase weapons, but not any, but certain types. For example, such weapons will not be sold without a license:

  • Firearms for hunting, sports and self-defense;
  • Gas pistols;
  • Revolvers;
  • Signal weapon;
  • Cold bladed weapons for wearing with national costumes and Cossack uniforms.

No more than five weapons can be purchased under a license. One license – one weapon item. After purchasing a weapon, it must be registered with the internal affairs bodies at the place of residence. The registration period is 2 weeks, the permit is valid for 5 years. Then it can be extended.

What weapons can be bought without a license

From the age of 18, you can buy the following types of weapons without a license:

  • Mechanical dispensers and tear gas aerosol devices;
  • Russian-made stun guns and spark gaps;
  • Pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy of not more than 7.5 J and a caliber of up to 4.5 mm;
  • Antique weapons, copies of antique weapons, replicas and decommissioned weapons.

What are the rules for the purchase and registration of certain types of weapons

Weapon type: Long-barreled smooth-bore firearm  

Purchase and use rules: For self-defense purposes, without the right to wear under a license

Weapon type: Firearms limited defeat

Purchase and use rules: Based on a license

Weapon type: Sports and hunting firearms smooth-bore long-barreled, hunting pneumatic

Purchase and use rules: With a hunting ticket

Weapon type: Hunting firearm with a rifled barrel

Purchase and use rules: If the right to hunt has been granted, for professional activities related to hunting or owns a hunting smooth-bore long-barreled firearm for at least five years

Weapon type: Hunting cold bladed weapon

Purchase and use rules: With a permit to store and carry hunting firearms. Registered by a trade organization upon sale

Weapon type: Sports firearms smooth-bore long-barreled weapons, sports pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy of over 7.5 J

Purchase and use rules: For sports that involve the use of firearms, if the sports organization has issued a confirmation

Weapon type: Antique weapons of cultural value

Purchase and use rules: If you have a license to collect weapons

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