Buy a Reliable yet Cheap Windows Shared Hosting from Hostbillo

Buy a Reliable yet Cheap Windows Shared Hosting from Hostbillo

In today’s time, there is a need of possessing a dynamic website consisting of visually attractive segments for numerous online business owners. Further, the website has to be hosted on a reliable and secure web hosting server for its high accessibility and optimal performance on the web. In this article, we have highlighted the Windows shared hosting. which enables you to meet both these aspects well at the cheapest pricing.¬†

Windows web hosting is among the most prevalent and popular options that web hosting companies provide. It comes up with feature-rich services and numerous hosting benefits. In general, you can come across two principal choices for shared server hosting available in the web industry based on the operating system- Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting. In most cases, the shared server hosting plans involve Linux-based applications.

However, there are some web hosts in the market who also provide Shared Windows Server hosting plans, especially for those who developed their website in ASP.NET. The shared server hosting with Windows operating system provides you with dynamic technology. This technology enables your website to stay ahead of the competition while having eye-catching web pages operating smoothly.

Moreover, you must seek a renowned and leading web host for buying the Windows server web hosting plan. One of the industry-leading web hosts you can lean upon for acquiring the best Windows shared hosting plan or package is the Hostbillo web hosting company. Before, we provide you with more insights into Hostbillo Windows shared hosting plans, let’s comprehend shared server hosting and how Windows OS running at the base can be highly beneficial for your website. 

About Shared Hosting

Shared server hosting involves a single physical server that shares its space and resources with numerous users to make them host their website in the shared environment. Indeed, sharing the space and resources is what makes the shared server hosting plans a lot cheaper than other web hosting solutions. Every shared server runs a single layer of the operating system at its base. 

When the web host operates Windows OS at the server’s foundation, we call the web hosting service Windows shared server hosting. Windows is a leading product of Microsoft Corporation that keeps on improvising the product’s technical aspects as well as numerous scripts every year. The worldwide popularity of Windows as an OS has given a pathway to windows web hosting to become highly preferable among website owners. 

Does Windows is a Better OS for Shared Server?

Does Windows is a Better OS for Shared Server?

Here are mentioned some of the excellent features that come with Windows and thus, make the shared server hosting with Windows a better option. Have a glimpse at them! 

A Microsoft-Friendly Option

Many online businesses and websites are dependent on the tools and products of Microsoft in order to function efficiently, such as FrontPage, ASP, etc. Similarly, there is the same case with Microsoft Exchange for effective management of emails and Microsoft SharePoint for better association among team members. This is where the Windows shared hosting becomes the perfect choice.  

Powerful and Simple

The Windows shared server hosting comes with a user-friendly Plesk control panel that further makes it simpler for you to manage multiple operations simultaneously. Also, it is powerful enough to give you compatibility with the most popular content management systems.

A Reasonable Solution

Although, Windows shared hosting can be a bit costlier than the Linux shared server hosting. However, you can rest assured that you get high returns for your investment on Windows shared hosting plan because of the intuitive interface, features, benefits, and privileges the Windows offers.

Cheap and Reliable shared web hosting solutions- Hostbillo

Cheap and Reliable shared web hosting solutions- Hostbillo

As mentioned in the beginning, Hostbillo is the top-notch web hosting company that renders the cheap Windows Shared hosting with hyper-scale facilities and intense services. The company lets you access a whole lot of amazing benefits. Check out the sections below that tell about the features and plans of the Hostbillo Windows shared hosting. 

Features Hostbillo Provide with Windows shared Hosting

  1. Free Plesk control panel for easy administration
  2. 100% SSD data storage for the fastest web page loading speed and unbeatable performance
  3. 24/7 technical and customer support service via experts
  4. Consistent and robust network connectivity
  5. 99.90% Uptime assurance with high-tech network flexibility 
  6. Weekly data backup features 

Hostbillo’s Windows Shared server Plans

Hostbillo offers scalable and flexible Windows shared hosting plans to its customers. You can also upgrade your plan as and when required by your website. Further, the company ensures to provide 7-day credit-back assurance with each web hosting plan to let you make a safe investment. Also, your website gains security-as-a-service through numerous standard and advanced security features, such as DDoS protection, SSL certificate, data encryption, etc.,  provided by the Hostbillo.

Hostbillo's Windows Shared server Plans


The Windows server web hosting is perfect for those website owners who require to run Windows-specific applications or simply need to run a dynamic, attractive website with a GUI interface. Moreover, since numerous common web hosting plans operate on Linux distribution, a web hosting company that does not mention the OS under the hosting plans usually offers Linux. Thus, it is always a good idea to confirm with your web host, especially if you need a Windows OS version with your shared server hosting plans. Further, check out the Hostbillo official website now to get more insightful details about the cheapest and best Windows-shared hosting plans