Buy a HoverBoard That Meet Your Exact Need.


Diameter of HoverBoard wheels, ground clearance, and tires.

We tell you to start your selection by evaluating the diameter of the HoverBoard wheels. In modern mini Segway’s and classic ones, it can vary from 3 to 20 ″. The most popular sizes are 4, 6, 8, and 10 ″. And the speed and application of transport will depend on this.

The larger the diameter of the wheels, the greater the speed the HoverBoard will develop. At the same time, this will increase the ground clearance. Which means the cross-country ability. Often wheels of 4-6 ″ designed for premises. If the street, then the flattest surfaces are obligatory.

The tires on scooters up to 6 “are monolithic, and over 8” chambered. And it is logical that E scooters with wheels of 8 or 10 ″ pass bump more. Without creating unnecessary vibrations and inconveniences. This increases the price of electric vehicles.

The max speed of the mini Segway.

The second important parameter of choice speed. Segway’s develop speeds of up to 30 km / h (sometimes more). But often classic adult mini-Segway’s speed no higher than 15-20 km / h. This is quite enough because you must agree that it is pleasant to walk on such transport, and not to arrange races.

Max load of the HoverBoard.

Each mini Segway has its own max recommended load, which varies from 60 to 120 kg. Of course, there are E scooters for children where the max threshold is lower. When choosing a HoverBoard. It is important to take this into account order to prevent rapid wear of the electric vehicle.

The power of the mini Segway.

You cannot pay much attention to this parameter. When choosing a mini Segway, because if you rely on high speed and large max weight. The engine power cannot be small.

But when comparing two hover boards with the same speed characteristics. It is better to choose the more powerful one. Also, do not forget that in some descriptions. The power indicates the entire HoverBoard and in some, it refers to the engine. There are always two motors in a Hoverboard, so the power is equal to the power of one motor times two.

Range of travel of the HoverBoard and battery.

Everyone understands that the larger the battery capacity, the better. In the case of a Segway, the range of travel depends on this. Considering that with such transport you can not only play and walk. But also take to work, go shopping, etc. Then you can wind more than one kilometer in a day. So, balancing with price and range, we try to choose the best option for ourselves. On average, they are able to travel 15-20 km on a single charge.

Angle of elevation of the HoverBoard.

The angle of max possible rise is equal to the max angle of inclination of the surface of the HoverBoard. Most often it is equal to 15 degrees, but inexpensive models with large wheels can reach up to 30 degrees. It all depends on what surface you will ride and what slopes to overcome. Of course, as a rule, the more the better, and it works here.

Segway – mini Segway with a steering wheel.

As it said at the beginning, real hoverboard go kart uk go without a rudder. But this is all due to the desire of manufacturers to reduce costs. Expensive, tall, powerful. Segway’s are always equipped with a steering column. So to make it easier to control vehicles at high speeds. So, when choosing a cheap HoverBoard. It will be without a steering wheel (in some models it can install as an extra accessory). When choosing an expensive Segway, it provided.

Protection against Water ingress.

Unfortunately, most hover boards are in no way protected from moisture ingress. Which can lead to malfunction of the HoverBoard and expensive repairs. This reduces, to a least, the ability to use the HoverBoard whenever you want, in any weather.