Build Your Own Dune Buggy and Quad Biking


You’ve recently seen some awesome dune buggies at the beach, and you’ve decided that it would be cool to own and drive a dune buggy. So you want to build a Dune buggy Dubai because you’re good with your hands and want to save some money.

Before you do anything though, you need to know where you want to drive your minivan, and what you need to do for it. There are basically 3 places where dune buggies are driven, and each requires a different build.

First is the road. Yes you can drive a buggy on the road. But of course it needs to be street legal, and it doesn’t need a lot of features that other dune buggies might have, like 4-wheel drive.

There are some very nice fiberglass street legal buggies that look great, and are usually based on and built from a VW frame and body.

Then there is the classic place for dune buggies, the dunes. Sand driving is probably about the most fun you can have in a buggy, but it requires a buggy with specific features. For example, very light, with a good strength-to-weight ratio. Big sand tires in the back, and smaller smooth tires in the front. Front brakes not essential, but good quality rear brakes.

Then there’s the off-road Dune Buggy Tour built for the dirt. Maybe steep hills, mud and trails. They need a stronger frame and roll cage because the rollover can be more severe, (hitting a tree for example), the tires are different, the front brakes are more important, and the frame needs to be stronger. The rougher the driving surface you’ll be on will require better suspension, longer travel and mud and mud tires.

So if you plan to build your own dune buggy, you first need to meet your exact needs. Frame, motor, tires, suspension, brakes, roll cage, body, if you want.

So is it hard to make your own buggy? Well of course it all depends on your skill level. For example, if you’ve spent a lifetime repairing cars, restoring cars, and rebuilding cars, you might find a good place to build your own little car. However if you haven’t done much with cars before then yes, making a dune buggy is not easy. It takes skill, it costs money and it takes time, and be prepared for many hours of frustration.

My first suggestion if you are thinking of building your own dune buggy for the first time? Buy a buggy kit or at least plan to work with some high quality buggy. Now a kit doesn’t provide everything you need. You’ll need to supply your own motor, for example, but it gives you some basics that are harder to build yourself. For example if you want a fiberglass Dune buggy rental it is not easy to make a fiberglass body at home, so you can get a good body kit already supplied.

But if you’re thinking of building your own dune buggy for the first time, my first suggestion? do not. Not unless you have complete confidence in your abilities. It’s not easy, and it usually takes longer than you thought, and it costs more, and when you’re trying to build your own little car in the garage, everyone else is on the mound. There are those who are cutting it.

There are some great places where you can find yourself a great dune buggy (or even a good dune buggy kit) for sale at a great price. Usually much cheaper than what you can build yourself.

So grab yourself a second-hand buggy, first learn all you can about it, learn all you can about building your own dune buggy and, if you If you really want to, once you know what you’re up for. At least you get the first one to drive there when you get tired of building.