BTCUSD Bitcoin telegram trading signals & ideas

BTC/USD telegram trading signals by KTS
BTC/USD telegram trading signals by KTS

BTC/USD telegram trading signals by KTS

If you check the current Bitcoin rate as often as others check their social media tweets, then you are already a true trading freak. Maybe we have the right offer for you here, check it out.

Whether you are a trading beginner or an advanced trader, with us you can get the support you need to get one step closer to your profits in trading.

What do you get / what does the offer include:

  • Access to valuable trading decisions calculated by our automatic algorithms. Our system scan the market around the clock, 24/7, completely emotionless and without fatigue! Profit now from it! Get our signals or ideas in real time (as soon as they are created) on your telegram messenger! Decide freely and independently whether you want to implement the respective trading idea or not. You trade on your own account, with your own broker, with your own money and completely free according to your own decisions! You execute all trades on your own, just let us inspire you! We do not offer binding trading signals. Our offer includes ideas, which you can implement, but not have to.
  • We adjust our algorythm according to the market situation, backtest- and analysis results as needed, the only thing you need to focus on is to implement the trading ideas in your trading account.
  • You will receive clear trading proposals, according to which we also open our trades, fixed entry prices, fixed SL as well as TP marks. The RRR is at least 1:1 for each trade! Mostly higher!
  • The signals are usually implemented with stop orders, i.e. even if you cannot read the message immediately, you have a high probability of still being able to take the corresponding trade, since the pricelevel for entryorder is usually a bit away from the current price level.
  • You will not receive a signal every day, we follow a swing trading approach, usually there are about 5-15 signals per month, depending on the market situation and volatility.
  • Sometimes we also ask you to cancel the previously submitted stop order within a short time, because the market situation has changed. You will then receive a message accordingly.
  • You will receive the direct access link to our telegram channel directly after the subscription purchase (can be cancelled monthly at any time). 

The following conditions and rules apply:

  • Max. 1% risk per trade. Lot size adjusted according to your risk-money management. Do not be greedy or impatient, there will certainly be loss phases! Even a total loss is possible, we can not predict market performance, but only adhere to our rules. There are no guarantees of a profit!
  • We don’t want to make any promises here, you have to make your own experiences with us, we are trading a strategy which is very profitable so far, but of course has its loss phases. Numbers and track records can be faked and lied, we can not know what will happen tomorrow, go the way with us and we will find out together, or go to the competition. We do not lure anyone with promises of profit.
  • We expressly recommend to use “play money”, we expressly say “play money”, because it does not necessarily have to be demo money, but can also be real money ,that you are ready to lose completely at any time. Thus, you can invest it, implement trading ideas and in case of a profit, be happy about it. Protect your capital at any time, this is not a holy grail to get rich quickly, the total loss is possible!
  • Our trades are usually held over the day change, as well as the weekend. Depending on the instrument, 24/7 trading is possible. Please check what options are available with your broker, and at what times you may not be able to exit your open positions. Do not use our service or hold positions overnight or over the weekend if you are not aware of the risk you are taking!
  • If you are too late and the price has already passed the specified entry level before you could set your stop order, be smart and set an appropriate limit order or enter via market order as soon as the price is still near our entry. Do not jump after a runaway trade! The next trade will come, for sure!
  • Please use our service only if you understand the principle of trading and our services and agree with all rules and conditions! In case of addiction, please consult your doctor.
  • No guarantee about longer-term availability of the offer. You will of course receive the services you paid for or a refund of the services you did not use if we shut down the product. We can do this at any time.
  • Please include your telegram name with your purchase so that we can identify you in the channel and remove you from the channel after cancellation on your part.
  • As this product is a digital product with usually immediate delivery, we regret that we cannot grant any returns.


Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.Trading carries a high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your invested capital and more. You trade at your own risk, with your own risk management. We recommend only demo trading for testing purposes, as we do not assume any responsibility for any losses incurred or total losses!

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