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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a method used to create a secure connection between two distant networks (on the internet) as if they were a single local network. When we talk about a VPN tunnel, we are talking about the connection (link) that exists between the two networks and that passes through the internet.

To prevent the traffic on the link between the two networks (or between two computers) from being intercepted, the VPN tunnel is encrypted, so that no one, even following an interception activity, can steal the information passing through the tunnel.

Why use a VPN?

A VPN is used for three good reasons:

To pass all internet traffic through a secure channel and prevent third parties from “spying” on the data that transit.

To connect to a computer or server using the virtual tunnel and use it as if it was on a local network. The encryption mechanisms allow us to communicate over a secure channel.

To overcome some regional restrictions: By vpn gratis para pc, we can make our connection appear as coming from a different country and bypass this type of censorship set up on the internet and based on the IP address of origin.

How to choose the right VPN

Paid or Free VPN?

The first question you are sure to be asking yourself is whether it is worth the money for a paid VPN or are you comfortable using a free one. Since many free VPNs resell user data to marketing firms, I personally recommend that you choose a paid VPN if security is really important to you.

No log policy

Another fundamental thing is that the VPN you choose has a no logs policy. The logs are those files that are generated for each activity carried out within a computer system: in the case of VPNs, the logs can store information such as IP, access data and other information that is not encrypted before the handshake (which then it will lead to the actual tunneling and then to the total encryption).

Kill Switch

It is essential that the VPN we choose has the “Kill switch” function it is the feature to keep in mind while vpn gratis para pc. This is an advanced security feature that keeps your IP address and traffic safe even if the VPN connection drops. It is designed to block traffic in the event that your connection is compromised in any way, by keeping your data and IP address hidden.


International data retention legislation must also be considered when choosing a VPN. Each nation has within it specific laws concerning any subject; among these we also find laws on data protection and privacy.


iTop VPN, descargar vpn has servers in many countries. This VPN is a log less VPN service. It does not monitor or log your Internet activity and, therefore, is unable to disclose this information to third parties. ITop provides a DNS filtering feature protects you from malware, blocks ads, and prevents trackers from tracking you as you browse the web. You can install this descargar vpn on up to five devices. It has the Kill switch function and accepts many payment methods.