Boiler Parts That Every Boiler Room Needs to Have

boiler parts

Having spare parts for your boiler is a great backup when there is a failure in your boiler abruptly. At the time of the incident, you have to take action quickly. There is not enough time to call maintenance or contact a service provider. Having boiler parts on hand allows you to replace the boiler part immediately and also saves money. The process outages, emergency service calls, and shipping can cost a lot of money. But what boiler parts should you have on hand? 

In this article, we have listed the major boiler parts that you must have at home. 

Flame detector

It is a critical device recognized as dangerous and one of the primary boiler parts to store in the tool kit. Flame dictators can prevent the devices from the ceiling with fuel when there isn’t any flame. They can be functional for home furnaces to large industrial boilers. There are numerous devices that can be useful to detect flame. The large boilers use flame scanners, while the commercial devices use flame rods for this function. Indeed, it is a device that is used to safely operate a boiler. These devices are sensitive in nature, and that is why it is essential to have a spare available for any part failure. 

Gas regulator

Many people do not consider stocking a full gas regulator. But it can be hard to access when there is any failure. Therefore it helps to keep a complete rebuild kit of soft parts on hand. Additionally, ensure that you have a bug screen in the spring by checking the regulator vent lines. The most common problem boilers cause in spring is they do not light. After inspection, we find that it is caused by insect nests in the regulator vent line. 

Gas pressure switches

These boiler parts assist in ensuring that the pressures of fuel are within safe limits. They also make sure that the burner is functioning properly. Based on the burner’s BTU input, you might need gas pressure switches. These simple parts are easy and cheap to replace. But they can ensure that your boiler does not fail. Along with the switches, you should also inspect the fuel train to check for any leaks or damage. With the rise of spring temperatures, there is a high risk of bees, wasps and hornets. That is why regular inspections are important. 

Temperature switch

The temperatures switch operational controls that encourage the burner cycle when the requirement in the building changes. Boilers beyond a particular BTU input value also need regular safeties, switching the burner off when the temperature rises above the safe limit. Typically, using these switches for safety may require you to use manuals to reset the boiler. 

These boiler parts are easily available and affordable and can be highly beneficial to help in any failures incident. But make sure to inspect their function to make sure that they are operating properly as a safety control. Sometimes these switches may get stuck and may not be able to control the temperature rise. 

These boiler parts are majorly focused on keeping the boiler safe from any ignition. Having these parts on the shelf would help you to avoid panic in case of equipment failure.