Body Measuring App: A Big Advancement For The Fashion Industry


With a current average clothes ecommerce conversion rate of only 1.8 per cent, only one out of every 50 visits to your shop makes a purchase. One in every three will be returned, with the most common reasons being a bad fit or style. Businesses may use a body measuring app for garment sizing to collect unique data and deliver personalized experiences such as tailored size suggestions.

Customers are thus more likely to return unwanted items when they purchase their favorite items in sizes that match their bodies. Customers will also be less hesitant to make additional purchases since they will be more confident that their items will fit. Not only does this eliminate the need for in-person fitting sessions, but it also offers a less invasive method that is less likely to turn off potential customers. Your business may benefit from body measuring software for clothes to solve persistent problems and reach challenging objectives. From industry titans to well-known names, a wide range of fashion companies have made outstanding progress. This article highlights the various benefits of body measurement apps for clothing and how it became a size recommendation solution.

Various benefits of the fashion industry

Improving the in-store consumer experience

Body scanning technology is also useful in retail. In addition to offering a secure and pleasant way to obtain customer measurements, the company thought that a contactless measuring device might tackle additional obstacles, such as societal concerns. By utilizing technology, the business was also able to handle any issues that less-skilled personnel may have had when evaluating consumers. Because of the precision of 85 percent of all measures within one side of the garment, customers of Tailored Brands achieved a more accurate fit with less difficulty.

The use of body measuring technology might help your business achieve its objectives

There isn’t a fix that works for everyone. The best digital body measures app for a dress for your company will depend on several elements, including the assembly methods you use and the objectives you want to achieve. It is well known that improved body measuring systems are essential to creating a fashion industry that satisfies the needs of both businesses and consumers, including lower ecommerce return rates, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and the goods and experiences that contemporary consumers seek.

Promoting diversity and sustainability

Customers may now obtain customized size suggestions through a web-based widget using the body measuring app by taking two smartphone photos. Ninety per cent of consumers said they had faith that the advice they got was tailored specifically for their own bodies. Customers now have the confidence to buy thanks to the gadget. The brand is reaping the benefits because conversions have increased fourfold, and returns have decreased by 30% since the device’s implementation.

Body measuring technology may also help your firm achieve its goals

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best body measuring app for clothes for your firm will be determined by several factors, including the manufacturing techniques you use and the goals you want to achieve. What is known is that digital body measuring technologies are critical to building a fashion industry that meets both corporate and consumer goals – lower e-commerce return rates, ecologically responsible production, and the goods and experiences that modern customers desire.

Final Words

This article highlights the various benefits of body measuring technology in the fashion industry. Such an app will definitely boost the sales of the fashion industry indefinitely. One should opt for virtual fitting as it is pretty convenient.