Boat Lift Motors


Technical support and efficiency are important when buying a boat lift, but the most crucial part of a boat lift is the motor. Rather than manually turning the wheel on a boat lift to get the boat in and out of the water, a motor makes your job easier and they’re not difficult to operate. Boat lift motors play a crucial role in saving effort for when you are actually on the water enjoying the boat. It is very important to have a good boat lift motor.

Most of the boat lift manufacturers are the leading suppliers of quality  boatlift installation. Electricity is one of the main requirements for using motors to improve the job of launching a boat. All you have to do is flip a lever, flip a switch, and let rechargeable power from the ship’s battery or AC power from shore lift your ship to its storage position. AC or DC units are compact, easy to mount and can be disconnected for manual lift wheel operation. Why would you want to disconnect and do it yourself? Why, in the event of a long-term power outage, of course.

Boat lift motors are available and replaceable for all types of floating, hydraulic and pontoon boat lifts. Most motors on the market are reasonably priced and will fit almost every boat lift that is made. They are easy to operate, require little maintenance, and have simple installation procedures. Most motors available on the market offer a one-year warranty, but your lift should probably last many more years than that.