Blog Post Ideas That Drive Traffic

Blog Post Ideas That Drive Traffic

Approximately 70 million new posts appear on WordPress each month. This makes it difficult for content writers to think of unique and engaging blogs that get people’s attention.

Identifying your goals, knowing your audience, and finding your niche will help you create relevant blog posts. However, you’ll need to find more blog post ideas to generate traffic on your page.

So, how will you do that? Here are some ideas for blog posts to consider!

Recent Trending Topics

Most people enjoy reading about current trending issues. Your blogs will remain relevant if you create topics people are currently searching for.

If you have no idea about the trending topics, use Google Trends. Here, you’ll come across trending issues related to your industry.

Post Your Schedule

Giving your audience a sneak peek into your everyday life will have your audience interested. Doing this makes them feel closer to you.

Write about your fitness plans and weekly goals.

Post a Challenge

Most people are looking for ways they can improve things in their lives. Some are looking to work on their skills and routines.

Create a challenge that involves your audience. Have them get into a 15-day no make-up challenge with them. A thirty-day fitness challenge will also do well.

Try a New Activity, Then Blog About It

If you love trying out new things, try something you have never done before. This way, you might get the attention of new readers. They might be keen to tread in your footsteps.

Try Guest Posts

Guest posts help you acquire traffic from the author. Once you identify successful SEO blog posts writers with high traffic, have them write a guest post for your site. This will guarantee you a huge spike in traffic.

Use Google Posts

This is a new feature that Google has introduced. This helps blog writers to share private messages with their customers.

Using Google posts should never be challenging because professionals are available and willing to guide you through. They’ll give you tips on how to use Google Posts.


Polls and surveys are the best for engagement. Audiences love sharing their stances, opinions, and habits. You can witness this from different comment sections on various websites.

Surveys and allowing users to respond. This assures that they’re reading your content. This will help you gain more visitors to your site from these interactions.


People like organized patterns and lists. Give them what they want by organizing your information.

Listicles present the best way one can read an article. The heading is placed in a way that the content follows. This makes it easy for the audience to not only read but also make use of the information. Listicles are one of the best blog content ideas.

Appreciate Your Fans

It will always pay if you feature some of your fans in your blogs. This will make them happy for the recognition. They’ll share the post as well.

Learn More Blog Post Ideas Today

Blog post ideas are many; however, work towards being unique and consistent. Knowing your audience, learning from other blog writers, and choosing your niche should be your starting point to acquiring more traffic to your site.

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