Better Retro NHL Jerseys Are Waiting for You at Custom Throwback Jerseys


Fans are willing to pay top dollar for jerseys bearing the names of their favorite players. There’s a huge industry for it, and you don’t need to look very far to find fans sporting the name and numbers of the greats. It’s a great way to show your pride in your team and to pay homage to those who gave their all to shape the sports in which they played.

With that in mind, not every buyer today is looking for the names of contemporary players. The marks great athletes leave on a sport remain long after they themselves leave the rink, in the hearts and memories of those who were inspired by them.

However, finding high quality retro NHL jerseys is more of a challenge than finding jerseys bearing the names of current players. Despite the discrepancy in demand, devoted fans provide a consistent incentive for producers to supply them with retro jerseys, bearing the colors of teams like the Anaheim Ducks to the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Washington Capitals and every team in between.

Despite the steady demand, buyers interested in retro NHL jerseys are plagued not only by a general shortage of availability but also a dearth of quality. Issues like shoddy jersey fabrics and low quality screen-printing jobs run amok in this industry. It’s unfortunate that in an industry that should be set up to honor the best athletes of all time, cost-cutting measures like these should fly.

For the devotees at Custom Throwback Jerseys, however, they don’t and they never have. Since their beginnings over 20 years back, they have prioritized quality, selection, customer service and overall value. They know that to fans, these things matter more than everything else. A retro jersey bearing the name and number of your favorite player pays little tribute if the quality and authenticity is not there.

In customizing the jerseys they offer they use pro twill fabrics that mimic those that were actually worn on the ice, and their patterns, fonts, colors and styles are exactly the same as those worn during the games. With Custom Throwback Jerseys’ wide selection of retro NHL jerseys, you can forget about screen printing; all of their jerseys feature fabric name bars and the names and numbers of the players are professionally stitched – not printed – onto the jerseys.

Their selection is also unbeatable, with retro jerseys featuring the names of legendary players from the Los Angeles Kings, Tampa Bay Lightning, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, Colorado Avalanche, and countless others. All told, their collection of throwback jerseys totals over 7,000 entries, each one of them faithful to original color schemes and produced to the highest level of quality.

Their customer service is also excellent, because they recognize they operate in an industry where customer service can make or break the customer experience. Purchasing something as personal as a customized hockey jersey that must run true to size may require some trial and error. They’re responsive, helpful and accountable, not to mention punctual. Send them an email with a request for information or for help and you won’t wait more than a few hours to hear back!

Whether your personal inspiration comes from Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals or Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings, Custom Throwback Jerseys is ready to pay tribute to your favorite player with a high-quality, faithfully reproduced retro jersey, true to color, design and style.

To learn more about what sets their retro jerseys apart from the rest, visit their website, or give them a call at 800-481-4675. Let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll be sure to help you out – not to mention the fact that all orders get free ground shipping!

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