Best Ways to Make Homework Fun

Make Homework Fun

It is a most common scenario that almost every student doesn’t wish to do homework or students find doing homework boring. Actually, the problem is that after spending 5-6 hours in school with pencils or pens and books, no student will like to touch them again at home, also where they want to chill and relax. After coming home from schools and colleges students want to chill with peers and homework makes them irritated usually because it snatches this precious peer time from time. Students are mistaken as careless when they try to stay away from their homework whereas the fact is homework material is not interesting and plus to it, sometimes it is so lengthy and boring that students lose their interest to complete the homework completely and accept to be punished instead of completing it. Sometimes students are so unwilling that they don’t even want to write the answer to the simplest question asking ERP full form even though they know about ERP full form. In school students understand that they can have LMS advantages and they understand the importance of having LMS advantages still sometimes they want to have some fun in homework, so let’s understand how to make homework fun:

  • We often see elders working in teams and they work very efficiently being together so why can’t this method be applied in children. Even the elders like parents and guardians can join the students in making them complete their homework. they can complete a few of the works also being beside them while they will complete their homework. In this way they will get company plus guidance from their elders at home and they will not feel bored while completing homework. On the other hand, parents and guardians will also have the satisfaction of being with their children and spending some time.
  • Who doesn’t like rewards? Kids love to be rewarded hence in order to make homework fun for the students, parents need to make some efforts to invoke zeal or doing it, for which they need to set up some rewards also if the kids complete their homework in time. Such as parents can promise a reward of playing their kid’s favourite video game with him/her, or the kid’s favourite dish will be cooked etc. These kind temptations work a lot to make homework fun for the students. Here overall reward is not the favourite time pass promised, instead it is the time of parents with children which is valuable.
  • There are several sayings and proverbs in Hindi which say that a hungry tummy won’t be able to work and children are habitual to nibble something always at a gap of a few minutes. So, parents need to take care of this habit of students while they are completing their homework. They can usually be given a few snacks and chips, popcorn, sprouts, sliced apple, grapes, dry fruits, ground nuts etc. In this way kids will enjoy their homework instead of getting irritated from their homework.
  • Parents need to understand that they should not only say they are intelligent instead they should show their intelligence in order to make their child’s homework schedule comfortable. They need to prepare a chart specifically designed for the homework schedule of the children, where they should have an idea of how much homework they should complete in order to be tension free and they should not have the burden of too much homework. Bring the kids their favourite colour books and paints to make them have some relief from their homework burden and enjoy a little bit.
  • Education sector has grown so much lately, new technologies have made education already fun for the students. Now there is so much fun learning online with education apps that learning and homework is no longer a burden for students. So, parents should make homework fun with the help of various education apps which represent courses in an interactive way to the students and make them take interest in learning and studying.
  • Parents can do some innovative things with their child’s education and learning and according to the weather they can take their child outside for a different atmosphere of learning. Fresh air, green grass, shadow of trees and an area surrounded by beautiful flowers makes students concentrate easily and do their homework with concentration and focus.