At the bottom of the jungles of Costa Rica, the leader of the practicing expedition is left with only a few things. That’s how they survive.

Timing belt contents

  • the machete
  • 2 × 1 liter water bottle
  • Notebook and pen
  • A small personal medical kit
  • Folding knife
  • faro
  • Lighter (taken at 15:00 on the first day)

how to find best machete

We have the best machete models and brands from all over the world, but with so many to choose from, everyone wants to know where to get the best hacking for their male.
If you think machetes are just for explorers passing through the jungle, you might want to take a closer look. These useful tools have many uses in the garden and in the garden as well as in the camp and on the hill. When you have a lot of pruning and just want to carry a tool, the machete can replace an ax, saw, scythe, scythe, garden knife, scissors or pruning shears.

The cuffs come in a variety of shapes and sizes that offer many options for cutting characteristics and user comfort. The overall structure has a long, sharp blade 10 to 28 inches wide at the front end near the handle to increase leverage when shredding. One edge is sharp just above the handle to the tip of the leaf. Machetes can have curved or almost straight leaves. If you are looking for a reliable knife, read on to find the best machetes for gardening, landscaping and outdoor activities.

Types of cassettes

Machete tools have emerged around the world. These are truly local tools, with each manufacturer adapting their design to local conditions. As cultures move and merge, patterns also change. There are seven most famous types of machetes ahead. The descriptions are very common because the design and style overlap significantly, so one manufacturer Golok can look almost identical to another Parang and so on.

Latin language

Latin Americans’ matches, which are popular in Latin America, are imagined by most Americans when you think of matches. These are general-purpose machetes with straight support blades and uniform weight. They clean green vegetation most effectively, but can also cut and divide to a limited extent.


Kukris, sometimes called Gurkha-ter, has Nepal’s large multifunctional cutting tools. They usually have a sharp end for drilling, a medium width section for splitting and a narrower section closer to the handle for better control of cutting. They are traditionally used to cut firewood, butchers, vegetables, open jars and more.


The Bowie knife was named after Jim Bowie on the 19th century American border. Due to its signature and attachment, it is popular among survivors and aliens, making it ideal for game peeling. It weighs less than other machetes, making it easier to cut and slice by hand.


Pangamachete design is popular in Africa and the Caribbean. It has a straight-cut edge that curves upwards, forming a deep “belly” near the tilted end. The resulting weight at front load provides an additional lever for cutting and an additional width for cutting curvature. The bank succeeds in cutting and pruning moderately thick woody vegetation.


The word “Golok” is often used as a substitute for the word “parang”. Although traditionally the Golok is heavier and shorter, from 10 to 18 inches, it contains a similarly curved and heavy blade. The blade is heaviest in the middle and flows upwards. The shorter blade is useful when working with a thick brush and convenient for packing.

What to consider when choosing the best matches

Because there are many differences in weight, size, materials, and overall matches, it’s important to consider options before purchasing. Learn more about the criteria used to select our listings.

Intended for use

As can be seen from the previous descriptions, different types of tasks are suitable for different types of machetes. Long, thin, straight blade is perfect for cleaning long weeds and a thin green brush. Thick, bent, weighted blades are great chipping for wood. A shorter blade is easier to pack for hiking than a longer one, but the longer blade offers more cutting force and longer reach. The right machete is the one that performs your planned tasks at all times.