Best Tool to Display Live Twitter Feed in Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

Businesses have many touch points through which they react, attract, engage and convert prospects into customers. One of these touchpoints is events, where businesses are put across a vast attending audience in a social setting.

Twitter’s aesthetics and relevance call for the content created on Twitter to be displayed in events as a part of the marketing strategy to reach out to a maximum audience and win their attention, interest, and engagement.

The possibility of reach and exposure to millions of daily users is attractive and businesses must consider Twitter while curating their social media strategies.

Displaying a live Twitter feed on digital screens is the most resourceful way to do it.

Why Display A Live Twitter Feed In Hybrid Events?

Twitter is one of the most engaging and interactive social media platforms where users post content relating to news, product launch, the latest trends, and most importantly brand promotions.

Here are some benefits that you can derive by displaying a live Twitter feed in hybrid events.

  • Fetch massive audience engagement and keep them hooked to the event seamlessly by displaying a live Twitter feed.
  • Inspire the attendees into content creation to be able to fetch an enhanced brand image and amplify the engagement of the event.
  • Easily grab the attention of the audiences of both the worlds, live and virtual, build social proof and stay on top of their minds.
  • Promote your brand in between the event by adding promotional announcements in the Twitter feed.

But to be able to reap these benefits and more, aggregating content generated on Twitter is important.

Tools To Aggregate Content Generated On Twitter.

1.   Taggbox Display

Taggbox is one of the best tools to collect content generated on Twitter. It helps you in discovering and collecting content from multiple sources such as hashtags, handles, mentions, etc. The aggregated content, then, can be filtered using the robust moderation panel. This step helps in enhancing the interactivity and attractiveness of your Twitter feed by making it relevant.

Furthermore, the tool also offers robust customizations that can help you increase the appeal of the feed, by choosing from amongst the available themes, fonts, and other customization options to be able to align it with the aesthetics of the brand.

Besides, it also gives you additional features to show full-screen announcements, content play, custom posts, show tickets, display content in real-time and also lets you display the content of other types by enabling the studio feature.

The best part about the tool is that you can have real-time updates and powerful analytics to enhance your performance.

2.   Hootfeed

Hootfeed is a dedicated Twitter content aggregation tool that has been introduced by Hootsuite. The tool lets you display live Twitter streams on display screens in hybrid events.

You can showcase full-screen Twitter feeds after moderating the content and applying profanity filters while also making necessary adjustments to fit the variable display sizes.

Increased customizations help you in designing your feed in such a way that it can potentially drive maximum audience interactions and engagement. Hootfeed is yet another easy-to-understand and easy tool to use in your events.

You do not have to get into the technicals a lot or be a tech-geek to be able to set it up for your hybrid event.

3.   Everwall

Everwall is also a social media aggregation tool that helps you aggregate and display content from Twitter in a unified presentation. Previously, Everwall was known as Tweetwall.

The tool provides multiple options for you to customize your Twitter feed wall with various visuals, colors, layouts, etc.

Besides, it allows you to display real-time content from Twitter, letting you display fresh and unique content in your events as and when users post it on social media channels. Further, its keywords and hashtag tracking allow you to follow up with the users’ engagement and interactions.

Installation of the tool isn’t much of a hassle, all that you need is a display screen and an internet connection. Additionally, you can also moderate the feed depending upon your requirement.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Perpetual engagement and interaction are key in driving success for the event. With the coupled impact of digitalization and social media making a loud thud, it is rather essential to combine the best of both worlds to have the best outcomes.

Adding digital attractiveness and engagement possibilities via a Twitter wall on your hybrid event, you can enhance engagement amongst your audiences and make them feel more gratified. Also, unlocking a greater reach and exposure on the social media platform.

So, bring your hybrid event to life by displaying a unique and amazing Twitter feed and witness the audience’s attention and engagement soar high!