A  SWAT helmet is precious to law enforcement efforts. SWAT units are commonly responsible for handling some of the most intense situations that can arise. Such as hostage situations, terrorist threats, and riots. When a SWAT team gets called into action. Each officer puts their well-being on the line to protect others from harm. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, sixteen law enforcement officials were kill in action while practicing their trade-in 2019. This information is both sobering and tragic. However, nine of these deaths happened while those in uniform were working with SWAT teams.

There’s no doubt that SWAT officers can encounter a lot of risks while they are on the job. But thankfully, most situations are within control as long as you have the proper training and personal protective equipment. Hard Head Veterans not only provides some of the best helmets available today. But we also encourage all of our clients to try out some of our other accessories geared towards offering top-level head protection! Our high-quality goggles, in particular, will offer you excellent eye defense whether your mission involves tear gas or shootings.


You have a  SWAT helmet of many colors and types. Camouflage is the most popular among airsoft practitioners. Because it will serve to mislead your opponents, especially in a simple, natural setting with trees and bushes. Like those of pilots or fighter planes, helmet visors are also famous for making people feel as if they have entered the battle themselves.

To speak of a military helmet is to speak of a product with resilient qualities, capable of shielding you from attacks as you defend yourself in battle. Browse the options that we have selected here, and you will indeed find one which suits your needs, whether it be a tactical helmet or one made for sports.

The helmet you buy must fit your head perfectly. It’s pretty tricky to find one that does, but when you do find it, the best thing about it is that you’re able to maintain total freedom of movement without feeling pinched or moved around too quickly. This will give you a lot of advantages and advantages in full combat, operations, or situations like that.

For tactical operations, it’s essential to own an excellent military tactical helmet that provides all the security and protection measures that this modality requires. Protected in the face of any unexpected, any action can be consider.


You may come across terms like low-cut, and high-cut ballistic as this kind of helmet is used by many SWAT teams.


The BTE helmet is an excellent choice for activities like paintballing that are probably best enjoy with friends and family. Low-cut helmets like this popular style offer maximum protection but let your ears stay exposed so that you can fully savor the sounds of the environment around you during your favorite action-packed activity. The foam in low-cut SWAT Kevlar helmet is some of the best on the market. It offers all the comfort people crave from low-cut helmets. It includes a cheek pad adjustment kit to make sure each user gets their very own perfect fit every time they put it on!


When you need a helmet that accommodates ear protection, look for the HHV ATE GEN2 Ballistic Helmet. This full-face helmet features an above-the-ear design, which is popular with tactical teams because it doesn’t obstruct communication headsets necessary during situations involving hostage negotiations or SWAT raids. Shoulder strap and head pads explicitly designed to fit women provide comfortable protection while you’re on duty.

Final Remarks

Today’s modern-day SWAT team regularly enters high-risk situations and deserves advanced body armor to stay protected. Hard Head Veterans is a veteran-owned company. Alll their team members have a connection to law enforcement or the military. All of their tactical ballistic helmets are designing with the needs of the SWAT team in mind. So you can be prepare for whatever high-risk situations may lie ahead. Shop online at Alibaba to find the right SWAT helmet and accessories for your specific need so you can stay protected!