Best Smartwatch in 2022

amazfit smartwatch

When trying to figure out which is the best amazfit smartwatch for your needs, there’s a lot to consider. Especially for newcomers to the area, placing a wearable device on your wrist and unlocking a new way to access notifications, apps, and fitness tracking can feel a little daunting.

Luckily, there are now tons of great smartwatch options to explore, whether you prefer Apple, Samsung, Fit bit, or something else entirely.

To help you choose between different styles, operating systems and prices, we’ve compiled our best smartwatch recommendations – updated regularly to take into account reviews of the latest devices on the market.

This buyer’s guide covers smartwatches on various platforms, including Google’s Wear OS to Apple’s watchOS . If you’re only interested in Wear OS smartwatches or Apple Watch options , we’ve got some separate features you can read to find the perfect smartwatch for you.

  • What are the Best Smartwatches?

Currently, our top recommendation is the Apple Watch SE . However, we also think it’s worth considering the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch Series,

The Apple Watch SE lacks some of the Series 7’s better features, including always-on display, blood oxygen sensor, and ECG sensor, but it has the Series 6 design, performs the same software and it’s cheaper.

Bringing together some of the best parts of the discontinued Series 4 and 5, the Watch SE is an affordable entry point for the Apple Watch, offering a great middle ground between the sensor-rich Series 7 and the older Series 3.

Essentially, it’s the best smartwatch for most people – particularly, of course, if they’re already integrated into the Apple ecosystem. For those with an Android phone, there are some great alternatives on our list.

  • Smartwatches That we Also Recommend

The Apple Watch SE is a great smartwatch, and we think it’s the device most people looking for a smartwatch should consider. However, it is also not the right choice for every type of user. That’s why we also recommend the other four choices below

Samsung’s smartwatches have always featured great displays, neat design quirks, and a solid software experience, and the Galaxy Watch 4 is no different. However, that’s not to say the latest Samsung Watch is just another iteration.

Working with Google on software, the Galaxy Watch 4 sees Samsung return to Wear OS after a long hiatus. The results are mostly solid, with a very rich health and fitness tracking experience backed by smooth app performance, featured like Spotify, Strava and YouTube Music.

The look is a little understated, but we actually like it a lot. Plus, if that’s not your cup of tea or you prefer something a little less exercise-focused design-wise, there’s also a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model to consider.

For Android phone users, this is easily the best device to consider.

  • Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 improves on the previous generation with a bigger screen, plus a few extra sensors, including a blood oxygen sensor and an always-on altimeter.

For some, these new additions will represent sensor overload, and the Apple Watch SE’s spec sheet and feature set will be more than enough. For iPhone users, amazfit smartwatch, there’s still no best smartwatch on the market – even if it doesn’t necessarily offer the best value for everyone.

What we would say, in defense of the Series 7, is that the larger screen is actually a compelling reason to upgrade, which we couldn’t say about every new Apple Watch model?

If you have an older device, or just think you’ll love that stunning screen for workouts, time, and apps, this is a great smartwatch experience that won’t age badly.

Fitbit’s Versa 3 is the perfect blend of fitness tracker functionality and smartwatch design. For those who want holistic insight into their health and fitness, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Now in its third generation, Fitbit has refined the design of the Versa beautifully. It’s one of the few watches we’ve tested and get consistently positive compliments for – many mistaking it for an Apple Watch