Best San Francisco locations for service-based businesses

View of San Francisco buildings during a sunset.

It doesn’t really matter if your goal is to relocate your entire company or if you want to expand your business to a new place; you cannot do it overnight. And more importantly, you cannot do it without a plan. To have and run a successful service-based business, you need to find a proper location first. Even though it might sound easy, finding the best San Francisco locations for service-based businesses can be very challenging. But we are here to help you out. So, you should know that it is not only about creating a top marketing strategy. There is much more to it, and you need to be prepared every step of the way.

The Financial District is one of the best San Francisco locations for service-based businesses

The Financial District is a neighborhood in San Francisco that is very important for all businesses. This is the city’s business center. For sure, the first thing that you will notice about this neighborhood is the skyscrapers that form one of the most iconic skylines. The most dominating one is the Transamerica Pyramid building, which has a topped spire. You will find this to be the home of many corporate and service-based businesses. But that is not everything. There are also various hot spots that have happy hours where employees spend their breaks at. And, of course, there are elegant date-night destinations. For gentlemen, there is even a red-light district that dates back to the 19th century. So yes, everything you could possibly think of is right there.

Despite this area being the most popular one, you need to know about its most significant disadvantage. And that is, for sure, the traffic. It is undoubtedly the neighborhood that gets the highest traffic in all of San Francisco. So, avoiding rush hour is a must. One good thing about it is that if you are using public transportation, you will have a better chance of getting to work on time since this area is very well connected to every other place in the city. Finding commercial movers in San Francisco won’t be a problem, either. Experts should handle transfer quite quickly and effectively. You just need to decide if this is the right area for your business before you reach out to them.

Aerial view of buildings in one of the best San Francisco locations for service-based businesses.
The Financial District is, without a doubt, one of the best San Francisco locations for service-based businesses.

South of Market is another place you need to check out

South of Market, better known as SoMa, is a great neighborhood that is south of Market Street. There are several sub-neighborhoods there, and they are all entirely different. You could say that this neighborhood is mainly filled with warehouses. There are also many museums and art centers that you can find there. And also many complexes with corporate offices and other facilities. As in the previous place we mentioned, it won’t be a problem to find a place where you will spend your breaks at. SoMa has many upscale dining options, especially near the areas where most offices are located. So, if you are not chasing a business location to be in the skyscrapers, you need to find a place here as soon as possible. But first, learn how to calculate the costs of moving your business.

Another one of the best San Francisco locations you will love is North Beach

You could really say that North Beach is a mixture of the two places that are listed above. This is a very buzzy neighborhood where you can find some taller and more modern buildings, but with a bit of Italian heritage. It is not only suitable for any kind of service-based business, but it is also one of the favorite places for tourists. People simply love this district, and it is becoming more challenging to secure yourself an office or whatever you are looking for. Also, don’t forget that you need to hire reliable movers like those behind Rockstar Pro Movers, so you better work on that as soon as you have realized that North Beach is the place for your business.

Neighborhood on a hill above San Francisco.
No matter what neighborhood you live in, getting to work won’t be a problem.

Make sure to learn more about the Mission District

One of the oldest neighborhoods in San Francisco is the Mission District. A Spaniard built this area, and ever since, you can really feel those Latino roots and a very hipster vibe. This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in San Francisco. People find it very evolving and exuberant, and it is full of opportunities. If you find movers that offer excellent shipping services, you will be ready to get here in less than a week. There are many business spaces that are on market for sale or rent.

Last but not least is Nob Hill 

In general, Nob Hill is mainly known for its historic mansions and luxury hotels. So, this is more a place for those people that are running tourism related service-businesses. Here, you can experience a sense of wealth and privilege. And it is impossible for your business to go unnoticed since there is no one who doesn’t explore every street in this neighborhood.

Aerial view of San Francisco.
You don’t need to chase the skyline area; there are opportunities outside of it, as well.

Rethink before you make a final call

Choosing only one of the best San Francisco locations for service-based businesses won’t be easy. There are numerous options, and all of them are good. That is why you need to write down your requirements. Cross out both pros and cons, and making a decision should become somewhat easier.