Best Romance Manga That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Best Romance Manga That Will Make Your Heart Flutter


Are you a fan of love stories that tug at your heartstrings? Look no further, as we’ve got the top romance manga series that are guaranteed to make your heart flutter. These series are available on popular manga platforms such as Mangakakalot, Mangago, and Zinmanga.

Fruits Basket

“Fruits Basket” is a classic shojo manga that has captured the hearts of readers for over two decades. It tells the story of Tohru Honda, a high school student who finds herself living with the mysterious Sohma family and their cursed secrets. The romance in “Fruits Basket” is sweet, slow-burning, and full of emotional depth.

Kimi ni Todoke

“Kimi ni Todoke” is a heartwarming tale about two misfits finding love in the most unlikely of places. The shy Sawako Kuronuma is often misunderstood and feared by her classmates, but all of that changes when she starts to open up to the popular Shota Kazehaya. The romance in this series is subtle, yet incredibly touching.


“Toradora!” is a comedy-drama that follows the unlikely friendship between Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, two high school students who share a crush on each other’s best friend. As they help each other win over their respective crushes, they realize that their friendship has turned into something more. The romance in “Toradora!” is hilarious, heartwarming, and will have you rooting for the main couple from start to finish.

Kiss Him, Not Me

“Kiss Him, Not Me” is a unique romantic comedy that turns traditional shojo tropes on their head. The overweight fujoshi Kae Serinuma becomes thin and beautiful overnight, attracting the attention of four hot guys at her school. However, Kae only has eyes for one particular guy and will stop at nothing to get him to kiss her, not the other way around. The romance in this series is playful, unpredictable, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Whether you prefer heartwarming, slow-burning romance or laugh-out-loud comedy, these manga series have got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let the love stories on Mangakakalot, Mangago, and Zinmanga make your heart flutter.