Best Broker to Join in Miami


If you are looking for a Miami real estate broker, there are a few names that you should keep in mind. These top brokers include Heloisa, Related ISG International Realty, Lydia Eskenazi, and Miles Goldstein Real Estate. You can also follow agents on social media.

Heloisa is the best broker

A Miami real estate broker, Heloisa Arazi, specializes in luxury properties. With more than 20 years of experience, she is highly knowledgeable about the amenities of Miami and well-appointed communities. She has developed a reputation as a hard-working, straight-forward broker with a wide network of contacts.

Heloisa is well known throughout Miami. She has a large social media following. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her posts are informative and interesting. She is a great example of a real estate agent with a solid social media presence.

Helo loves to help her clients. Her goal is to establish long-term relationships with her clients by providing them with the knowledge and information they need to make smart financial decisions. She is also very detail-oriented and always keeps track of the sales process, making sure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

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Lydia Eskenazi is a leading agent

In addition to serving the Miami market as a general real estate agent, Lydia Eskenazi also specializes in luxury properties. She specializes in properties in the Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, and other South Beach communities. With over 25 years of experience, she brings unmatched discipline and market insight to each transaction. The result is a unique approach that maximizes the potential of each sale.

Prior to becoming an agent in the Miami real estate market, Eskenazi was a real estate loan officer for Skylake State Bank. She provided mortgages to apartment building owners. She has a unique blend of experience in high-end neighborhoods, and she has sold over $400 million in real estate. She has an extensive international customer base and has expertise in multi-family properties and bank-owned properties.

Miles Goldstein Real Estate

Miles Goldstein Real Estate is a boutique-sized luxury real estate brokerage with a global reputation. Its core values are professionalism and discretion. Its focus is on luxury waterfront properties in South Florida. Its associates are selected for their specific skill sets and knowledge. As a result, the firm’s reputation has grown to the point that it has received international acclaim. They have good team of professional and reliable Orlando 100% commission broker and also very popular in U.S.

Miles Goldstein’s team consists of top-notch agents who have been in the business for years. The firm’s president, Michael Goldstein, has experience dating back to the early 1980s. His team has exceeded expectations, resulting in record-breaking sales.