Best Beach destinations in Europe for every type of traveler

Beach destinations

The cultural capitals of Europe are renowned for ages and have been on the bucket list of every traveler. Thus, there is no doubt that many of the most popular travel destinations are in Europe. European cities are famous for their history, food, nature, people, and culture, but the seaside towns of Europe are in the backseat. There are multitudes of oceanfront options in Europe. From the rough beauty of Iceland to the white-hot nightlife of Spain to the tranquil resort haunts of Croatia and Greece, most tourists prefer the interior classics. 

Listing here is a handful of the Best Beach Destinations in Europe to discover.   

 Ayia Napa – Cyprus

One of the famous resort towns in Cyprus – Ayia Napa, is renowned for its stunning beaches. The town is also famous for its nightlife and vibrant and throbbing place – not to be missed in your Cyprus itinerary. One of the best-known beaches in this town is Nissi Beach. This beautiful beach atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing, with palm trees all around. There are several restaurants, resorts, cafes, family-friendly bars, and villas; at Nissi Beach. If you are looking for a classic mix of party-ready atmosphere and beautiful landscape – Nissi Bay Beach is the best beach destination.

Sardinia – Italy

The second-largest island in the Mediterranean region – Sardinia in Italy, is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the country. The island covers over 2000 km of coastline, with turquoise waters, scenic villages, and pristine beaches. The beaches of Sardinia have popular tourist amenities such as beach bars and restaurants and are perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, and much more.

Corsica – France

A famous French island in the Mediterranean region, Corsica is renowned for its gorgeous beaches. In fact, Corsica is not just famous locally but it is also one of the best-unspoiled beach sites in Europe. Tourists seeking sun, sand, and sea have many options in Corsica thanks to the 200 beaches and breathtaking 1000 km of coastline. It can be difficult to choose the appropriate beach location due to the abundance of options. From little, secluded bays to long stretches of sandy beach! And there are plenty to choose from, ranging from pebble beaches with stunning sunsets to great family beaches.

Sicily – Italy

Sicily’s coastline is home to some of the gorgeous beaches of Italy. Sicily, an ancient island off the coast of Italy, has a shoreline that is envious of its variety and beauty. Some areas are dramatic and rocky, while other has exquisite white sands. Yet, there is one element that is true for all of them, is the sea – a crystal clear – attractive shade of blue. From hidden coves to pebble shores and smooth sands and perfect diving spots, you will find your kind of beach in Sicily.

Comino – Malta

Between the main island of Malta and the island of Gozo; is a small, deserted island called Comino. It is renowned for its pristine seas, remote beaches, and breathtaking natural surroundings. The beaches of Comino islands are surrounded by gorgeous cliffs and caves. One of the renowned beaches – the Blue Lagoon, is amongst the best the Mediterranean region can offer. It features a lagoon of azure waters and white sand; there’s no surprise that it is recognized with a Blue Flag status. Not only is it the best site for water sports but also for photographers.

Ibiza – Spain

Ibiza, a Spanish island, is home to some of the most spectacular beaches. Ibiza is renowned as the go-to destination for hippies, backpackers, party people, and those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Apart from its stunning beaches, Ibiza is also known as the best party destination in Europe. From intimate coves with gorgeous blue waves to white beaches, where you can feel the vibe at trendy seaside beach bars, Ibiza features beautiful stretches of coastline for each type of beach fan.

Lanzarote – Canary Islands

For all beach lovers, the island of Lanzarote is a true paradise. The mild temperatures and tranquil beaches of the island make it a perfect resort for everyone. Everyone has options in Lanzarote, including families who may choose from several facilities and serene beaches with calm waves like El Jablillo. And those who are more daring could be attracted to explore a remote, unspoiled beach like Caletón Blanco. There are beaches in Lanzarote with white, golden, and black sand for people of all ages to enjoy.

Porto Santo – Madeira – Portugal

When it comes to the best beaches in Portugal – Porto Santo Island tops the list. The island is renowned for its long stretch of fine sandy beach blessed with healing properties. It’s a small sparkling gem in the Ocean. A beautiful island paradise that rewards adventurous travelers and vacationers looking for a relaxed beach getaway. This golden island is renowned for its miles of golden sandy beaches across the island. Porto Santo beaches are the ideal getaway for anyone wishing to escape the worries of daily life and soak up the sun in a picturesque environment.

Mykonos – Greece

Mykonos is one of the most popular summer getaways in Europe, thanks to its sandy beaches. It was the beaches that first drew people to Mykonos, and they continue to be the main appeal, albeit their nature has transformed from unspoiled land of golden sand to some of the Mediterranean’s most boisterous party locations. On the island, though, you can find a beach to match practically every mood. Family-friendly beaches can be found on Mykonos, while other beaches are better for late-night clubbing.

Dubrovnik – Croatia

Croatia’s stunning beaches, which rank among the best in the world, are in Dubrovnik. Sun-soaked Dubrovnik is rich in culture, with beautiful medieval walls, perfectly maintained monasteries and palaces, and numerous museums and galleries. Yet, there are many beaches near the an old town and its surroundings. Some are well-known and immensely popular, while others are isolated and well-hidden. There are numerous top beaches in and near Dubrovnik, so you can choose for a cooling swim or relax by the water’s edge with a beverage.


The best beach locations in Europe may tempt you with choices, whether you want a chic Caribbean-style beach vacation or a few days of nonstop partying and water sports action. Simply choose your Europe Tour Packages and begin planning for the summer vacation of your dreams.