Benefits of webRTC & MPLS Enabled Softphones

Benefits of webRTC & MPLS Enabled Softphones


Softphone solutions are cloud device-agnostic applications with virtual phone interference that can be downloaded. It allows the users to receive inbound and VoIP telephones and using it inbound calls can be made from anywhere and at any time.  As calls can take place over voice on the internet, softphone solutions are very preferable. Softphones for business have replaced traditional land phones.

It has become a revolutionary solution that has facilitated companies in maximum functionality that goes beyond the boundaries of physical limitations. Softphones for business can be combined with WebRTC (Web Based Real Time Communication) which can open new platforms for exploration that allows splitting away from the swivel chair for calling. It can be embedded into web-based applications same as the contact centers.

The feature works for both inbound and outbound calls. It is very favorable for remote working as it supports working on laptop/ desktop/ mobile devices. The solution can also be added to Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) that supports a significant decrease in the circuit time making an entire operation more systematic.

It aids businesses in switching from on-premise to cloud for inbound and outbound voice calls through the internet. It can work without the use of mobile and fixed telephone lines to offer high-quality (HD) communication. The communication is audio that helps in improving workforce productivity.

Benefits of WebRTC & MPLS-Enabled Softphone Solutions

1. Easy Scalability: A business keeps growing and developing with the time that needs to cater to a growing number of customers. With softphones handling a large volume of calls becomes easier. Softphones that use WebRTC are scalable as they run on software completely. Easy scalability helps a business with customer service, representatives are allowed to adapt to the functionality as needed. It supports a startup as well as a business that is expanding its reach. A business can add more users or lines by logging into the dashboard and making the needed changes that eliminate the hard task of hardwiring the line. With scalability, there is no need to change phone numbers or install anything new.

2. Enhance Customer Experience: The target of any business is to enhance customer experience that is equally proportional to business growth. Softphone for business is a major differentiator. VoIP service with a softphone allows a business to offer uninterrupted communication with customers with high voice quality. It helps in enhancing the customer experience with better connectivity, instant response, seamless communication, and effective solutions.

3. Cost-Beneficiary: Softphone for business is economical. Unlike landlines, the payment and pricing are flexible. It does not require investment in infrastructure that makes it cost-effective and controllable. A business can only pay for the bandwidth instead of paying for minutes. A business can save money as VoIP calls are often free. It also does not need maintenance charges or replacement of the solutions. As the program is licensed, the software needs to get transferred into a new device.

4. Secure Connectivity: The network architecture is so secure that there can be no threat from the public network. As it is the company’s network, a business can easily transfer data effortlessly without the risk of any data breach. All forms of communication that include calls, chat, video conferencing, etc. are secured. One can manage call operations through the softphone that allows the business to connect with customers using a VPN-secured connection.

5. Call Recording: The call recording feature can be used by a business to automatically record voice calls; it also has the option to record all inbound and outbound calls manually. These recordings can be easily accessed for screen recording in video conferences that can be shared with other users if needed. The recording call transcriptions can be shared, updated, searched, and utilized for better information sharing and faster summary. When a business uses softphones, it can have access to all calls that helps to track and record performances as well as train their agents better. A business can research all the recordings in the database to avoid any legal ramifications.


A softphone solution provider helps a business to bring the best and offer maximum service. The softphone solution provider can offer guidance in using the solution as per the need of different businesses based on their industries. There are many packages offered by different softphone solution providers. A business can be customized as per their need.