Benefits of Using Custom Magnetic Name Tags


Name tags are a popular choice for many companies, especially those that are customer-facing and interact with clients or potential clients often. It is a great way to make an introduction and help to familiarize them with your employees. Once you decide that it is a good buy for your business, you will want to start designing your own custom name tag.

This is a fairly straightforward process, so all of the details feel like they fall into place as you determine how you want them to look and how you want your employees to represent themselves. People often have strong ideas about what they want the custom name badge to look like and which type of name badge they want to use, but they often miss out on smaller details in the process, one of which is the closure.

We noticed that people typically just assume that the default selection for name badge closures is a pin because it is possibly what they are only familiar with. However, it is good to know that you have more options than this. Pin closures are very common and stay secure on clothing, but some businesses find that they prefer custom magnetic name tags over name tag pins.

A magnetic closure is an excellent alternative to pins and can potentially perform better for your employees. Just to provide an idea as to why, here are the best benefits of creating custom magnetic name tags as opposed to name tags with pins.

Safe on Fabric
Many companies find that custom magnetic name tags are the better choice because they are more considerate of the employee. Pin type closures attach by piercing through the fabric, which can damage the material over time. The sharp ends are also more frustrating since they can prick the person’s finger from time to time. Magnetic closures are more gentle on fabric and the users.

Strong Hold
This is something we want to clear up before you even have the chance to ask. Magnetic closures are incredibly strong and secure on fabric. You may have been concerned that they are not as secure as pins since they do not pierce the fabric to hold on, they latch on through the fabric.

But you will want to know that these magnetic closures are actually quite strong and secure. You will definitely be happy to hear that these magnets can hold on all day with no trouble.

Regardless of which name tag closure you decide is best for your employees to wear, it is good to know that you have both as an option. You should be able to find custom magnetic name tags available at the same places that offer pin closures as well.

One place we recommend you check out in order to create your own custom magnetic name tags is They offer many design options for name badges and photo ID cards, so you can easily create the best possible name tags for your business. Check them out and be sure to customize your employee name tags to perfection.

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