Bed Bug Heat Treatment: How it Works


While there may be countless nuisance pests that infiltrate people’s homes, bed bugs are among the peskiest, most tenacious, and most challenging to eradicate totally. These annoying creatures may come back to re-invade your home if you fail to kill the remaining bugs in your belongings or if you stop doing the preventive measures.

Bed bugs, being so tiny as they are, are not easily detected although they can be seen by the naked eye at close inspection. However, they can hide into any small cracks or holes without difficulty. Plus, with their hitchhiking ability, they can just lodge on to your clothes, handbags, suitcases, backpacks, shoes, or other items you carry with you in your travels.

To treat a bed bug infestation, experts suggest various DIY and home remedies—regular vacuum cleaning, applying extreme heat and extreme cold, using diatomaceous earth, and using home pesticides. Pest control companies offer several treatment services such as fumigation, chemical treatment, and heat treatment. However, majority of pest control professionals prefer heat treatment more than any other method because of safety and convenience.

What’s Heat Treatment?

Bed bug heat treatment is otherwise called heat remediation. This pest control technique entails application of heat, letting hot air circulate in the entire bed bug-infested area for at most 10 hours. Heat treatment’s efficacy rate ranges from 95 to 100 percent. It is way safer to use than chemical treatment because no chemicals or pesticides are utilized during the treatment process. The necessary tools used to carry out this method are specialized heaters, remote thermometers, and wireless sensors.

Since bed bugs have very delicate exoskeletons, they could not stand being exposed to extreme temperatures. This is what makes heat treatment a feasible alternative to get rid of those creepy crawlies.

How Does Heat Treatment Work?

On your scheduled treatment, the heaters shall be installed in different parts of the household and the thermal sensors and thermometers will be mounted throughout the treatment zone. To kill the bugs, certain temperatures must be maintained. Specifically, the service technicians will have to ensure that a temperature ranging from 130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit is sustained during the procedure. Under this heat, those nocturnal bloodsucking pests, including their eggs and larvae, have no way of surviving.

In contrary to chemical treatment, heat remediation is only done once and the procedure is executed for 4 to 10 hours approximately. Since no chemical is used, people, plants, and animals in the household are not harmed. In fact, people may enter or walk around the treated area. However, experts advise that pets and items that are sensitive to heat be taken out of the infected room while treatment is ongoing.

During heat treatment, the hot air discharged by the specialized heating equipment is meant to penetrate every single crack, gap, crawling space, and soft furnishing inside the house. Industrial fans are also used to blow and circulate the hot air around. This allows the heat to pierce through all potential hiding spots regardless of how difficult to reach they may be.

Once the pests are placed under high heat, even after just a few minutes, they will die immediately. To make sure the entire bed bug colony, as well as their eggs, is exterminated, the treatment has to be continued up to 10 hours. By then, you need to prepare yourself to clean up after hundreds of dead bed bug bodies in various parts of your home. You need to check the potential hiding areas such as bed frames, mattresses, drawers, closets, carpets, walls, and other spots with crevices.

Why Use Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment does not take much of your time because it is a one-time show. This implies you can save money in terms of labor costs. Furthermore, it is a discreet procedure that no one can even tell you have an ongoing bed bug treatment. Most of all, no harmful chemicals are applied so your health is not endangered during the procedure.

If you wish to get rid of bed bugs fast successfully without much hassle, heat treatment is your method of choice. It is a feasible technique especially if you are dealing with huge infestations wco anime. You simply need to coordinate with the right pest control company and religiously follow the preventive measures suggested by the pest control professionals.