8 different ways to style girls with beautiful hairstyles

beautiful hairstyles

1. Braided crown

Braids are very versatile, as demonstrated by these simple but beautiful hairstyles that Toddlers Diy proposes. Basically, it is a thin side braid that is used as a crown, giving it a very distinguished touch. On this occasion, a plaid bow has been chosen to highlight the hairstyle, but other accessories can also be used depending on the occasion. Floral embellishments come in handy for formal celebrations, while for a weekend meal, a tie to match the outfit will look great. Try ponytail lemonade braids to look more attractive.

2. Loose hair with braid detail

Braids not only help to keep hair up, but they can also become a very nice “complement” to a hairstyle, as in this adorable look published by Los Peinados. It is a very simple hairstyle, but at the same time sophisticated that uses braids and floral ornaments to give it a more delicate air.

3. Inverted mini pigtails trio

This hairstyle published on the Crafts and Creativity site is perfect to wear at a special event as well as to wear to school. These are three inverted mini ponytails that end in a low ponytail, in this case, adorned with a bow-shaped ribbon that gives it a more elegant touch. A rubber band can also be used to give it a more informal look.

4. Traditional bun

Traditional hairstyles like this bun featured in Ok Girls magazine never disappoint. It is a very simple, quick to do and comfortable-to-wear hairstyle that is good for almost any occasion. In this case, it is adorned with a blue bow that gives it a more classic touch, but it can be changed for a flower-shaped ornament or even leave without any detail.

5. Pigtail with braids

This hairstyle published on the Café Versatile site is ideal to wear to school as well as to wear on a more special occasion. It is a kind of central braid made from mini ponytails that end in a large medium ponytail. On this occasion, it has opted for some pink rubber bands to give it a delicate touch, as well as youthful to the hairstyle, but white or black rubber bands can also be used to give it a more classic look.

6. Crown turning

Sometimes the beauty lies in the simplicity, as with these beautiful hairstyles ideal for girls with short hair to look beautiful at special celebrations. And it is very simple to do! Once the crown or ribbon is in place, the hair is “rolled” over it a little carelessly, which gives a certain bohemian air to the look. In addition, it is very easy to wear so that girls will be comfortable throughout the celebration, as well as beautiful.

7. Braided with two pigtails

The two pigtails and braids are classics that continue to set trends among the smallest at home. The Mini look site knows this and that is why it offers us original beautiful hairstyles with two pigtails decorated with a simple braid, perfect for school as well as for wearing on a more informal occasion. Without a doubt, it is beautiful and in addition, it will allow girls to wear their hair up at all times. On this occasion, pink rubber bands and bows have been used, but for a more formal look, they can be changed for white rubber bands and decorative flowers.

8. Tie

At first glance, it may seem like a complicated hairstyle, but it is actually quite simple to do. Basically, the hairstyle is a bow that can be worn with more or less tight hair depending on the occasion. In this case, the less tight hair gives the hairstyle bohemian airs, which is perfect for wearing on special occasions.

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