Baby Dressing Table Organization Ideas for the Nesting Mom


Buying all the baby things you have in mind can be stressful, but that’s nothing compared to when you reach the part of storing and organizing all that you have bought.

Organization is not just arranging things neatly. It also is the science of coming up with a system that works in your daily agenda for when the baby comes. It may take some trial and error but no worries, you’ll get there. You just have to power through and stay on track as you meet a lot of errors along the way.

Pro tip: When shopping for baby furniture, choose a nursery dresser that you can also use as a changer.

It is as financially practical as it is a space saver. Excellent for modern minimalist families of this generation. Although this space is pretty challenging when it comes to organization, you are going to want the baby dressing table to be organized and maintained at all times since this is the most visited space each day. This space could get messy and cluttered if a system is not working.

Baby Dressing Table
Mom’s life should be functional and practical. Everything, especially the essentials in a diaper change should be within reach. If you’re a right-handed mom, you’ll want the left hand on the newborn and the right hand for grabbing wipes or diaper rash cream. So it’s better if those two are placed together and the rest of the essentials on the other side next to the changing tray.

This item may also seem unimportant in the first few days of shopping for baby items, but a changing tray to be placed on top of the baby dressing table is highly practical. It already provides partitions for the pad and other essentials and is designed to protect the surface of the dresser from spills and scratches. So it’ll still look nice when it is used as a regular dresser once the baby grows out of the nursery room. It also prevents the changing pad from slipping off during the diaper changing operation.

Baby Dresser
If you have space, consider buying a full-size dresser. A full-size dresser is a substantial item for your baby’s nursery since the size is not only specific to a baby’s room, it could also be used as a regular dresser as your child grows. But if you want a space-friendly one, a double dresser is not too big and not too small, perfect for your child just right before they leave for college.

Pro tip: Before you purchase the dresser, make sure you test how quiet the drawers are when they are opened and closed. You won’t like it when the baby wakes up after you put them to sleep just because you had to put freshly folded clothes inside the drawers.

Baby Dresser Organization
Organizing big dresser drawers can be overwhelming, especially if you were gifted with tons of baby clothes for your baby shower.

Your best friend: expandable drawer dividers.
These are really great for holding all grouped items intact. You’ll want the top two drawers for the things you’ll need most often during your baby’s first 12-months. The middle drawers will be where you could store bath time essentials such as bath towels, changing table covers, changing pads, washcloths, and baby wash. For the bottom drawers, you get to keep the extra stuff here like baby crib linens, sheets and blankets (lots of them), and baby pillows.

Organizing a baby dresser is a challenge but keeping up with the system is a challenge. Looking for more aesthetic dresser drawers? Check out Kids ‘N Cribs for more options in styling your baby nursery.

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