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Avail private detective in Islamabad: If you wish to avail the services of a private detective in Islamabad or a spy agency in Pakistan, you may contact us. You suspect she’s depleted the accounts and then parked the cash in offshore accounts as well as big-ticket expensive items like large, expensive yachts. The gold-digger was fond of boats. If you can’t locate the money before the day of settlement, you could lose thousands of dollars your father would have wanted you to have you may hire a private detective in Islamabad or a spy agency in Pakistan. Chances of holding the money are quite good, given the following facts:  An estimate of the number of private funds stored in offshore accounts 5 trillion dollars Maximum the number of legal aliases that a person can use 1   deposit boxes that a person is able to legally possess: Unlimited   accounts that a person is legally able to open: Unlimited  The percentage of women over 50 living in a home on their own and legally poor 20  Percentage of income change for divorced women  Percentage of change in income for divorced women: +73  Change in the percentage of the income of divorced males +43  Cost to hire a private detective to investigate assets between $1,200 and $4,000  The typical cost to discover the assets hidden by yourself: $0 to $325 Finding the papers trail (public as well as private documents) through a private detective in Islamabad or spy agency in Pakistan is as simple as having the patience and understanding of the best places to find public records of vehicles, boats, corporate, real estate secure loans, settlements for divorce, and other inheritance records. Each of these avenues is a route to the funds that your dad’s deceased wife now controls.

private detective in Pakistan

A few dollars spent on a private detective in Islamabad or spy agency in Pakistan for photocopying these documents could amount to thousands of dollars to your attorney as well as in the courts of law. Over the years, approximately 10% of people who I have worked with sought me out to conduct asset discovery like the one previously mentioned. They’re from all walks of life and are generally involved in some type of legal battles such as divorce, civil case, or estate settlement. I’ve been asked for the recovery of assets from a sneaky spouse or a cheating business partner or a potential business deal that’s simply too amazing to be real searched by a private detective in Islamabad or spy agency in Pakistan. I’ve discovered inheritance funds for those seeking concealed cash and creditors searching for an undiscovered stash of deadbeats and landlords searching for any assets belonging to a potential tenant or one who has left or divorced, spouses searching for the unpaid alimony and child support, and plaintiffs who want unpaid judgments and lawyers looking to determine the assets of a prospective client. A lawyer from the area, “Lawyer James,” phoned because he was thinking of the possibility of taking on a case on behalf of one of his clients by a private detective in Islamabad or a spy agency in Pakistan who was injured during an accident and wanted to pursue the other driver.