Asaf Izhak Rubin Tells 3 Secret Ways a Real Estate Lawyer Proves to Helpful


Whenever you hire any type of services to help you with a situation in life, you know their benefits. Of course, that’s why you are hiring them in the first place. In the same manner, you know what type of complicated and complex process a real estate transaction can be. For that reason, you have to have someone helping you with the process and many other sub-processes involved within. However, AsafIzhak Rubin believes that certain benefits of having a lawyer on your side for real estate matters are completely hidden.

You see a lot of benefits that are clear on the surface, but there are some not so clear. You only realize them when you understand the value of the presence of such a lawyer. So, what could be those benefits that people really don’t know? It’s best that a lawyer like AsafIzhak Rubin explains that himself.

Documentation Takes No Time

When you have to visit several departments, state offices, etc. to get certain documents to complete the transaction, you can expect a lot of runaround. They will keep telling you different things because they don’t want to be bothered. They want to work as per their desires and by being there and asking for them to work, you are bothering them. So, in a lot of cases, you might hear “NOs” to your requests. However, that really does not happen when the same offices are visited by a real estate lawyer.

The people who are supposed to work and produce the documents are quite alert when they know that a legally well-versed person is on the premises. When the lawyer requests something from them, they have to act upon it without any delays. They know that not doing something properly or on time can result in legal repercussions. That’s something a lot of people don’t understand about real estate law services.

Negotiations Reduce to Minimum

Having a real estate lawyer by your side means you have someone who really understands the industry, how it works, and the many laws and regulations around it. If you are buying a house and you quote the price after discussion with your lawyer, you know your price is right. It is according to the market of the house and based on many other factors. Once the seller tries to negotiate and finds out that your price was set after discussion with a lawyer, they will not have a lot of room for discussion. They know you have done your work and that the price you are requesting has not been plucked out of thin air.

At the same time, if the seller of the house is being a little lazy about fixing certain things in the property before selling, they will instantly fix them due to the involvement of a lawyer. Asaf Izhak Rubin says that people become psychologically aware of the consequences of messing things up when they know you have a lawyer on your side.

Deal Closes on Time

There are so many things that you have to do as a buyer and the other party that has to do as a seller. As a result, the entire process of handing over the property to one person becomes a tiring exercise. It can take several months before you close a deal on a house. However, when you have a real estate lawyer, you don’t have to worry about that. The lawyer takes care of not only the details within the documents, but also the documentation process as a whole. As a result, things happen much faster than you may realize.

Final Thoughts

AsafIzhak Rubin is a real estate lawyer too who has helped many individuals in the purchase, sell, leasing, financing of various residential and commercial properties. The advice that comes from him really means something for those who are thinking about being a part of a real estate transaction. As a result of that, it makes sense why you should have a lawyer on your side.