Artwork Placement in the Living Room- Pro Tips


Installing a gallery wall is a great way to give a room a more polished look, highlight prized possessions, and unify a cohesive aesthetic. It’s a great way to express yourself and set the mood for any occasion. The challenge of decorating a blank wall with Framed prints of paintings  and artworks, though, can be overwhelming. For that reason, we wrote this manual. Using these guidelines, you can arrange your artwork so that it has maximum visual impact in your home.

Image Centering at Eye Level

Many people’s photographs are hung way too high, which is a problem I notice in many different homes. The rule of thumb is to hang pictures so that the eyes meet in the middle. But, considering that we spend most of our time in the living room seated, you may wish to hang them at a lower height.

Put different frames on a gallery wall.

Choose a variety of frames while setting up a gallery wall. To spice things up, try some new hues and patterns. There’s always the option of spray painting the frames to a uniform color if you don’t like how the various hues work together.

Remember you’re decorating a wall

Consider canvas wall art in two sizes: narrow for narrow walls and huge for vast walls.

For Small Areas: A close grouping of an even number of pieces in a narrow location, such as a stair landing, is ideal and creates a window impression. When it comes to large areas, it’s best to use an even number of pieces that are arranged in close proximity to one another. This works especially well for tall walls. Keep in mind that larger areas can accommodate significantly more spread out placements than smaller ones.

 Place pictures on a wall before nailing.

1. Spread everything out on a table or the floor

2. Rearrange the pieces until you find a pleasing arrangement

3. Spread the pieces out on a large piece of kraft paper or bubble wrap and draw around each piece.

4.On the reverse of the artwork, mark the desired hanging locations.

5.Tape the paper to the wall and hammer in the nails.

Coordinate Art and Decor

If you want to decorate your walls, use pieces that don’t clash with the rest of the decor. The aesthetic integrity of a space is enhanced when art introduces a new accent hue, but that color must be harmonious with the others. The blue in this abstract painting is echoed in the breakfast banquette, so you can use that as inspiration when selecting artwork.

Organize artwork in odd numbers Choose an odd number of things to group together at Canvas Direct.. In the case of odd numbers, the middle and both extremes are mirror images of one another. This technique will help your artwork look more comprehensive and well-balanced.