Are There Any Benefits of Getting a Clinical Massage Therapy?


Clinical massage therapy is very different from relaxing massages. These types of massages are given to people who require physical therapy or rehabilitation due to an injury or chronic pain.The primary function of massage therapy is to aid rehabilitation, treat underlying problems in the joints, muscles, and bones, and help with better mobility.Many massage therapy experts also state that these massages can help with improving overall muscle function.

Clinical massages are offered by trained physiotherapists, as opposed to trained masseurs. These massages include specific subtypes such as geriatric massage, orthopedic physical therapy, neurological physical therapy, pediatric physical therapy, and cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Some of the most common types of clinical massages include, trigger point release, soft tissue massage, active release technique (ART), and myofascial release.

How can clinical massage therapy help you?

Clinical massage therapy offers a broad range of benefits, and these can help people enjoy a higher quality of life in the long run. Some of these benefits include the following:

1. Improve your mood:

One of the lesser-known benefits of clinical massage is that it can help you improve your mood significantly. A great massage session can get rid of stress as well as reducing stress-causing hormones.

Massages help with increasing serotonin in the body, and this can reduce depression as well as pain. If you are someone who suffers from mood disorders, you should definitely consider getting a clinical massage.

2. Enjoy more flexibility, range of motion, and posture:

Clinical massage improves the way one’s muscles and joints feel and work. As a result, when you go through these massages regularly, you will eventually see that the range of motion of the muscles will increase and pain will reduce.

Additionally, you will also experience greater flexibility along with better posture. All of this can really help the way your body feels and functions.

3. Improve your circulation:

Your circulatory system is responsible for carrying blood from your heart to other parts of your body, and then part to the heart. The blood in your system carries nutrients and oxygen all over your body and this is why boosting the circulatory system is important.

Massage therapy improves your blood flow, and it also helps alleviate certain symptoms such as sore muscles.

4. Strengthen your immune system:

Your immune system is responsible for taking care of your body and protecting it from disease. White blood cells in the system fight the disease-causing germs and prevent infections and problems from developing. Thus, boosting the immune system is very important.

Massage therapy can help improve the production of white blood cells in the body, and this can help strengthen your immune system greatly.

Should you buy physical therapy tools?

Physical therapy tools can help improve the results of clinical massage, and you can buy a few of them to use at home after or before the massage, as guided by your therapist. Some of these tools are as follows:

  1. Exercise balls
  2. Massage guns
  3. Foam rollers
  4. Thera cane
  5. Myofascial release balls
  6. Resistance bands

Will insurance cover massage therapy?

The answer to this depends on the insurance provider and the policy that you have. There are certain insurance providers who do offer coverage for massage therapy. In some cases, you may have to pay a copay for the same.

Either way, massage therapy is only recommended by doctors for people with injuries and muscle problems, so there’s no reason why an insurance provider should avoid covering the same.