Are Libertarians in Favour of Workers’ Rights?

Favour of Workers’ Rights

Are libertarians in favour of workers’ rights? Yes, and no. Libertarians believe the best functioning and prosperous society is achieved by way of a free market. But they are also advocates of individual responsibility. Employment contracts are complicated and difficult to navigate. Employment law solicitor in Manchester provides advice and comprehensive info on what is employment law, worker’s rights, and dealing with employment law disputes.

In this article, we will see if libertarians are in favour of workers right or not.

Employment Law and Contract

What do libertarians think about employment law? Do they think there should be any restrictions on what employers can and can’t ask employees to do? Are Libertarians anti-union? Do they believe in a welfare state?

Employment law reflects the view that wealth is created only in human relationships and that it is created through work. In the absence of markets for labour, the employment contract becomes the medium of regulating those relationships, and also ensuring that the employer carries out his or her side of the bargain.

When you hear the word ‘contract’, what do you think? For many, it’s the first step on the slippery slope towards a world where workers are exploited. This is even though people have voluntarily signed contracts for hundreds of years.

Libertarians are pro-employee, but the labour laws and regulations of today limit their ability to manage their own companies.

Libertarians and Workers’ Rights

Whether libertarians are in favour of workers’ law rights is a question which despite seeming simple at first glance, carries with it an intrinsic complication.

The biggest challenge for every employer is getting compliance right – because failure to comply in a single instance can cost you over £20,000 and result in even higher costs from unrelated claims like discrimination.

With employment law changing so frequently, compliance is a major challenge for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and in particular for start-up companies.

So are libertarians in favour of workers’ rights? The short answer is no when it comes to compliance and regulations.

Libertarians on Government Intervention

Libertarianism and political philosophy is considered to be of particular relevance to the study of employment law in two ways.

First, many libertarians argue that there should be little or no government regulation of employment concerns such as minimum wages, discrimination, health, and safety and so on.

Second, historically libertarian philosophers have devoted significant energy to discussing the conditions for genuine freedom at work, in a way that has influenced modern employment law.

Adding more government legislation to businesses significantly increases their costs of operation. This is not the wisest business practice as it reduces a company’s ability to compete and increases turnover rates.

Bottom Line

For starters, the employment contract is the simplest and most flexible of all contracts. It is a type of partnership that encourages both parties to work as equals towards a common goal. Bear in mind however that employment is a complex area of law and only a qualified employment lawyer could advise you on your case.