Are Customized Lapel Pins, Badges and Other Signage Valuable?


Whether or not customized lapel pins, badges and other signage are really worth it will depend on whom you ask, but there are a number of ways that customized pins or badges can boost employee morale, increase accountability, improve your customers’ experiences, and increase the value of your brand while promoting it.

Lapel pins can be the perfect compliment to your employees name badges. Adding a customized lapel pin as an accessory piece to your employees’ uniforms to compliment their name badges further promotes the form and image of your brand, but that’s a topic for another article.

Lapel pins present you with a unique opportunity to advertise employee accomplishments such as training, certifications, or years of service. They provide you with a valuable opportunity to showcase your pride in your employee’s accomplishments and improve employee morale.

They also communicate trust, confidence and competence to your customers. When they see they are being served by a highly accredited member of your staff with a variety of credentials and an impressive term of service, the only way to respond is with satisfaction.

Providers like Imprint Plus at sell a number of lapel pin badges that celebrate years of service, teamwork and much more, but what they also provide is the ability to customize your own lapel pins.

At Imprint Plus, you can customize lapel pins in either metal or plastic, depending on your preference. Their custom cut metal lapel pins come in either one inch round or square configurations and can be made from aluminum, brass or steel.

If you’d prefer a little more variety with a custom cut plastic lapel pin, Imprint Plus can offer you a little more variety. These plastic lapel pins can be custom cut to whatever shape you desire and can be printed with your logo or other visuals.

As for custom cut professional name badges, these can also be cut according to your specifications into custom shapes, and can be used to promote your brand, encourage employee communication, and potentially even improve the customer experience.

The real value of these custom lapel pins, badges and other signage, however, is that you can promote and display whatever you believe communicates the most value from your employees to your customers, or between your employees themselves.

Is there an industry-specific certification for which your employees vie? Does your company celebrate certain accomplishments that are unique to its process or proceedings? Is there an asset of your company culture that you would like to celebrate visually and communicate with pride to all who do business with you?

Customized professional signage, badges and even pins are perfect for this, since you can design them however you want them to appear. You can create the perfect branded-appearance for your lapel pins or badges, which will improve and boost your brand image, as well.

Speaking of that, lapel pins are the perfect compliment accessory to custom name badges, as you can integrate the branded design and also create a more professional appearance for your employees. They also give you the ability to put a personal touch on your formal image, which is beneficial for employees, customers and business partners.

To learn more about how you can customize name badges and lapel pins in addition to ID cards and other professional signage, visit There, you’ll find a collection of high-quality business signage, including but not limited to name badges, tent, door and safety signs, along with much more. Some of their products are actually made to such a standard of quality that they are actually reusable, saving you money in the long run. They even offer a free design service – get in touch with them on their website or give them a call at 800-563-2464.

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