Are Bath Bombs Dangerous For Your Drains?


To spice up your bath, bath bombs may be a fun and soothing way to unwind. Could they, however, be causing damage to your plumbing system?Bath bombs are presumably familiar to you or someone in your life. Bath bombs looked to be just another fad a few years ago. Now they’re everywhere. They’re now a well-known and widely utilized element of bath-time rituals in households all throughout the globe.Bath bombs infuse bath water with scents, oils, and bubbly bubbles, resulting in a spa-like experience in any bathroom. However, it is possible that the substances in bath bombs might do silent harm to your plumbing. You can always read the substances on custom soap boxes.

What Exactly Is in a Bath Bomb?

Baking soda, citric acid, and maize starch are the three main components in a bath bomb, according to the manufacturers. The combination of these two ingredients causes a chemical reaction in your bath, causing the water to bubble.While the core components are the same for all bath bombs, the addition of extra chemicals may create a great deal of variance. Some are perfumed with fragrances and scented oils, while others are unscented. Another kind contains dye and glitter, which will alter the color of your bathwater when you use it. All these ingredients are present in bath bomb boxes.

Is it possible for bath bombs to damage your pipes?

It is unlikely that the three primary components of a bath bomb will cause harm to your pipes. Baking soda, citric acid, and corn starch are all perfectly safe to flush down the toilet and down the drain. 

Because they are non-irritating to human skin, there is essentially little possibility that they will do any significant structural damage to your pipes. Every day, your kitchen sink undoubtedly has to deal with worse things.

Bath bombs are generally considered to be harmless on their own. In contrast, putting things like oil and glitter down a drain that already has to deal with human hair and shampoo residue is a sure-fire way to cause it to clog up quickly.

When you combine the hair and soap scum that accumulates in bathtub drains with the minerals and oils in bath bombs, it will hasten the countdown until the drain needs to be snaked out. In addition, any things that do not dissolve (such as glitter) just serve to exacerbate the situation.

How to Use Bath Bombs in a Safe and Effective Way?

If you routinely use bath bombs, you should clean out your drain with vinegar and hot water on a regular basis to avoid blockages from forming in the future. Try to stay away from bath bombs that include glitter or other unwanted ingredients. 

While a bath full of glitter may be entertaining, it serves no practical use and may even cause plumbing problems.

Here’s a clever method to enjoy bath bombs while reducing the likelihood of a blockage in your drain: Before you put them in the tub, wrap them with nylon to keep them from slipping. Placing them inside the toe of a pair of nylon tights or dress socks may assist to hold any thick or residual residue, preventing it from running down the sink or sink pipe.