Angularjs Development: Why Is It Helpful In Building Big Sites?

Angularjs Development: Why Is It Helpful In Building Big Sites?

Today, the demand for web & app development is on the peak. Web & app development makes the work of companies easy and fast. One such development tool is AngularJS development.

AngularJS is a very powerful tool that helps in designing interactive & high-quality applications. Because of the increased use of AngularJS platform, the demand of AngularJS developers has also increased. Many big companies are using the AngularJS platform. The companies find it as a reliable and secure platform.

Angular is an open-source platform that is developed to overcome the challenges that occur while developing single page applications. Angular was developed in 2010 by Google. This is a widely used framework. It has been very popular since its launch.

In this article, we will also discuss the reasons why angular is popular for building big sites.

Reasons Why Angular is Helpful in Building Big Sites

1. Simple Command Line Interface

The CLI i.e., Command Line Interface of angular, is very powerful. The simple, rapid commands in the Angular CLI help to streamline the entire development process by automating critical operations, such as app initialization and configuration. AngularJS also ensures seamless updates in the large applications. It also runs a test to make sure that the new component renders with no problem.

When you wish to add support for additional components to your Angular corporate project, the Angular CLI makes it simple to locate the appropriate folder and module to import the component.

2. Two-Way Binding

By using angular web development platform, you can save a lot of time because of its two-way binding process. Whenever you change the user interface through the backend, it will automatically appear in the application’s object. It will also help in copying the modifications done in templates.

However, remember that this two-way binding process can create problems for you if it is used beyond the limit. It can also affect the performance. So, it is better to take angular js development servicesfrom an angular app development company as they have professionals specialized in angular development.

3. Component-Based Architecture with Consistency

The component-based architecture of angular is one of the key reasons why it is useful for constructing large websites. The user interface in Angular is designed as a tree of components. The components in angular are cohesive, which means they only contain parts that perform the same function.

Angular’s components are all self-contained. When designing large apps, comparable functions are frequently required. Once you’ve constructed a component with a specific feature, you may simply reuse it in other components that need that feature. One of the best characteristics of the Angular framework is its reusability.

Also, whenever the application needs a new feature or an update in the existing feature, the components can be easily replaced. Therefore, the maintenance also becomes very easy with the help of angular.

4. Data Security

In current times, data security is one of the most important things. Today, data is the most valuable thing and thus you should do everything to protect your data. And, when you are developing an app or website, then you will have data of thousands and lakhs of people. It’s your responsibility to protect THE data of all these people.

When you use AngularJS, you don’t need to worry about data security because the platform has various features to keep your data safe. Features like context-aware encoding and CSRF protection offer strong security of data. Also, the framework ensures that the apps and websites are free from cross-site scripting and other vulnerabilities.

5. Maintainable Code With Typescript

The TypeScript programming language is used in Angular. Unlike JavaScript, which only supports dynamic types, TypeScript allows you to add static types to your code. It helps in identifying the bugs faster. You can instantly check why the input is not as per your expectation. So, this also saves time consumed in writing code for big applications.

With TypeScript, you can add new features from the latest versions of ECMAScript. TypeScript produces a codebase that is easy to maintain and predictable thanks to auto-injection libraries.

The TypeScript language’s greatest benefit is its tools. TypeScript has virtually become a prerequisite for big-scale enterprise apps due to enhanced auto-completion, easy refactoring, and seamless navigation.

6. Server-Side Rendering

In Angular, the components and templates are written using HTML and TypeScript. But, the browser can interpret only when you translate the code to simple JavaScript instructions. With the help of Ivy render of angular, you can translate the components of the angular app to a language that can be easily displayed by the browsers.

Also, Ivy rendering helps applications in performing well on all the memory-constrained platforms. Ivy streamlines the compilation process by splitting down big code sequences into smaller parts. You can also hire angular js development servicesto make things easier for you.

7. Easy Testing & Development Speed

It is a common thing that you should not launch the app in the market without testing it properly. Testing helps you to know which section of the app is lacking performance. The app may have different types of issues like running issues, compatibility issues, etc. Thus, the importance of testing increases very much.

When you are using an angular platform, then you can perform testing quickly and efficiently. As angular has a module separation feature, only the necessary features will load.


In conclusion, we would say that you may find it difficult to find the right platform for your web or app. But when app development platforms are considered, you can trust AngularJS platform. It is a very robust platform offering amazing features like smooth integration, quick testing that can provide many benefits to you. The angular community is also very big and strong. So, whenever you face a problem, the community can help you in solving the problem.  You should hire the services of an AngularJS development company, as they have experts who can help you in the best manner for your benefit.