Analysis of Iaso Tea:


Iaso Tea is just that: a form of tea. Iaso, unlike other teas, focuses on incorporating balanced nutrients into your diet. It’s a detox tea. This drink claims to naturally cleanse the digestive system’s intestines, promoting safe weight loss and management. Total Life Changes make this product, and it appears to be able to do the following:

  • Enhances digestion
  • This product stimulates safe intestines.
  • It helps you lose weight and hold it off.
  • Enhances the look of your skin and gives you an energy boost
  • Internal organs and intestines are cleansed overall.

The included ingredients are all-natural, so you shouldn’t be nervous about what you’re putting into your body. Also, Iaso Tea is a nutritional supplement. You don’t have to go to super lengths to develop new meal plans or make significant dietary adjustments.

For a greater chance of getting results, Total Life Changes recommends taking any other dietary supplements. According to the company’s website, drinking Iaso Tea with NutraBurst+, NRG, or Resolution Drops will help you be more successful.

 NutraBurst+, NRG, and Resolution Drops are only available as suggested additions to Iaso Tea on Total Life Changes’ website.

The BBB Profile of Complete Life Changes:

Total Life Changes has a BBB rating of A+, indicating a wholesale health products business. It was founded in 2003 in Michigan. However, it was not until 2018 that it was granted BBB accreditation. This merely reflects the company’s evolution in response to customer satisfaction and concerns.

Total Life Changes has an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau. However, this does not take into account consumer feedback. According to the Better Business Bureau, Total Life Changes has earned 125 complaints in the last three years, with 110 of them being resolved in the previous year. There aren’t many complaints aimed at this business, but when there are, it responds quickly and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction—the majority of the claims, 52 out of 125, dealing with product or service problems.

There is no guarantee that the products will operate correctly. The weight loss industry can be a tricky business because everyone’s body is different. Total Life Changes, on the other hand, does an outstanding job by refunding items that turn out to be useless for consumers.

Iaso Tea’s Active Ingredients:

Iaso Tea claims to have all-natural ingredients. The following ingredients are listed on the Complete Life Changes website:

  • Sacred thistle
  • Leaves of persimmon
  • Malva leaves, papaya extract
  • Thistle of blessing
  • Marshmallow flavored
  • Ginger, chamomile, and myrrh

Overall, it has a mild taste. This dietary supplement includes ingredients that can facilitate digestion.

Side Effects of Iaso Tea:

This tea from Complete Life Changes has no side effects that are stated specifically. However, the following are some typical detox tea side effects:

  • nauseous
  • Urination on a regular basis
  • Discomforts in the belly, such as gas and stomach pains
  • Bowel movements have increased.

The likelihood of experiencing one or more of these side effects varies. It is dependent on your physical condition. That is why, before drinking, you should seek medical advice. Consult a doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a medical disorder or are a senior or a teen.

Other People’s Thoughts on Iaso Tea:

The average consumer review for Complete Life Goods, based on 94 reviews, is three stars out of five, according to the BBB. This, however, says nothing about Iaso Tea in particular.

This tea is amazing. It’s simple to construct. There is no unpleasant aftertaste. It’s simple on the stomach and works well for detoxing. Erica G.

I didn’t get the results I was looking for, maybe because there wasn’t enough time. – Amazon Client

This did not work for me after two months of trying it, and it was a complete waste of money. -Jennifer, I wish I could get a refund for spending over $80 on something that didn’t work at all.

According to 77 Amazon reviews, Iaso Tea earned a five-star rating from 48 percent of users. One out of five stars was the next highest ranking, with 26% of reviewers giving it the rating. According to Amazon ratings, these 77 reviews have an average rating of 3.5 stars. It’s important to understand that weight-loss supplements aren’t for everybody. A proper diet and daily exercise are among the most successful ways to lose weight and remain healthy. It is possible that relying exclusively on a dietary supplement would be unsuccessful.