An eight-storey building collapsed in China, leaving 39 missing


At least 23 people have been trapped after a six-storey building collapsed in China’s Hunan province. Another 39 people are missing in the incident. The country’s emergency rescue team is working to rescue people trapped in the damaged building. The British media The Guardian and the Indian media NDTV .

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The six-story building in Changsha, Hunan, suddenly collapsed on Friday afternoon local time. The building housed a cinema hall, a residential space and a shopping mall. Thirty-nine people are missing in the building collapse. City officials on Saturday gave details of the building collapse, saying five people had been rescued alive so far.

City Mayor Zheng Jianxin said rescue workers were conducting rescue operations. No casualties were reported. However, the cause of the collapse is not yet known.

Meanwhile, President Xi Jinping has called for the rescue of those trapped at any cost. He also directed to investigate the cause of the accident.

There are allegations that high-rise buildings are built in China with very low quality materials due to corruption and lack of proper supervision by government officials. As a result, building collapses took place in different parts of the country. Earlier, in June 2021, 25 people were killed in a gas explosion in a building.