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A massive part of the power utilized in home water heating is misplaced to the drainage channels via way of means of packages including showers and so on. Water heating money owed for as much as 20% of general domestic power intake, rating 2nd best to area heating in phrases of power intake. Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) structures are an power-saving era that may lessen the power intake of your water heater via way of means of as much as 25%.

How does it paintings?

Heat is captured from warm water happening the drain and used to preheat bloodless water getting into your water heater via way of means of drain water warmth recuperation structures. When you operate warm water even as it’s also flowing down the drain, including all through a shower. You shop power is called concurrent waft intake.

Benefits of Using Drain Water Heat Recovery

Energy Savings

A standard drain water warmth recuperation device can shop as much as 25% to your water heater’s power intake. You’ll shop cash to your power payments in case you use much less power.

Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Because the drain water warmth recuperation device pre-heats the bloodless water getting into your water heater. The water heater does now no longer need to paintings as tough to warmth the water, extending the lifestyles of your water heater.


It may be used with any form of water heating device. As era advances, your drain water warmth recuperation device will assist to lessen the power intake of any destiny water heating device you pick out on your domestic.

Simplicity and Reliability

A drain water warmth recuperation device is made from copper and has no shifting parts so it does not want to be maintained regularly. The device has a product lifestyles expectancy of greater than 30 years. You can in reality neglect about approximately.

It is hooked up and achieve the advantages of decrease power intake and decrease software payments.

How Does it Save?

Energy expenses, location, device configuration, water heater type, and water utilization have an impact on price savings. If the new water is supplied via way of means of a seventy eight percentage green herbal fueloline warm water tank. It can be feasible to get better sufficient warmth to satisfy as much as 15% of the full warm water requirements. If a conventional electric powered warm water tank affords the new water.

How Do You Choose the Right System?

The unit’s airflow capacity measured in cubic ft. In keeping with minute (CFM) suggests how an awful lot air flow it is able to offer. The power recuperation reliability expressed as a percentage tells you. Before buying a device, it’s also an excellent concept to do not forget the noise stage and examine warranties.

What Is the Payback Period for a Drain Water Heat Recovery System?

Drain water warmth recuperation structures are simplified improvements that may offer considerable advantages to any domestic. However, they ought to be hooked up via way of means of certified plumbing and heating professionals. Configuration can be much less highly-priced in new domestic production. It is able to additionally be hooked up in current homes with a payback duration of 2.five to 7 years, consistent with america Department of Energy.

All-In-One Heat Pump for Drain Water Heat Recovery

The Piranha Drain Water Heat Recovery& Cooling System is a specialized water-to-water warmth pump that recovers power from wastewater and makes use of it to provide warm water. The Piranha has a mainly designed evaporator that recovers and transfers power efficaciously from wastewater right into a refrigeration circuit. It is paired with an NSF-372 rated double-wall vented brazed plate warmth exchanger, transfers power immediately into handled wastewater.

  • Recycling warmth power from wastewater is much less highly-priced. Energy expenses for heating and cooling may be decreased via way of means of as much as 80% whilst in comparison to conventional methods. see visit more Drainage and Sewerage Company
  • Sewer warmth exchangers are environmentally pleasant and make contributions to long-time period sustainability. Using a sewage remedy warmth exchanger can lessen using fossil fuels. This additionally curtails the environmental effect via way of means of decreasing CO2 emissions and carbon intensity. These mechanisms additionally preserve water that might in any other case evaporate in cooling towers.
  • Sewer warmth exchangers can shop area, giving customers greater alternatives for constructing design. Configuration is simple and short too
  • Wastewater is a low-price, localized, and decentralized supply of warmth. The current sewer device is basically unaffected and best minor production needs to benefit get entry to to the wastewater

What to count on from Piranha?

With a easy one-time installation. We can make sure that your Drain Water Heat Recovery answer is functioning to its most capabilities to your water heating invoice. Furthermore, we can stroll you via the manner and reply to questions you can have. So, the following morning you awaken at your power invoice and wonder, “How can I reduce this down? Contact us proper now at (604) 475-7710.