Is Cleaning the Roof Necessary? All The Stuff You Need to Know about roof cleaning


Regular roof cleaning may help in preserving the life of a roof’s shingles and tiles, eliminating harmful algae, grit, filth, moss, and soot while also restoring the roof’s original color. Roof washing is especially important for residences in tropical regions or those next to any sizable seaside or waterfront properties since sand and grit from a nearby beach can settle into the crevices of a roof, causing serious damage.

It might be the last thing to come to your mind when it comes to sustaining the roof. But it is one of the important things that should not be taken for granted. Keep in mind that a roofing system is a significant investment. It keeps everyone inside cozy and shields your entire family from the elements.

Why Cleaning the Roof is Necessary?

There are a bunch of reasons why cleaning a roof is important, some of them are:

·         Extend the lifespan of your roofing system

·         Gives a fresh look to your roof

·         Prevent bacterial and pest growth

·         Energy savings

Extend The Lifespan of Your Roofing System:

Moisture and algae can become a great factor in deteriorating the life duration of your roof. Many homeowners believe they are unable to fix the black stains on their roofs. When their roof only requires cleaning, they eventually replace them.

It is better to clean the roof regularly with good quality cleaners to avoid changing titles and roof shingles frequently.

Gives A Fresh Look to Your Roof:

Patches of moss and algae on your roof are not only harmful, but they are also ugly. This is particularly true if the color of your roofing system is bright. The best roof cleaning can be done at home too by some power hose and good quality cleaners. Your house will look like new after it.

Prevent Bacterial and Pest Growth:

Due to the pile of organic materials on your roof, attracts insects and birds. Making it perfect for bacterial growth and pest infestation. And when there is pest or insects there will be birds too, feasting on them and scratching the surface and leaving holes behind.

Your home’s interior will be impacted as soon as moisture and water get inside through the broken shingles. Your home becomes infested with mould from your roof, which can lead to allergies and other health issues. But regular cleaning will prevent all these problems.

Energy Savings:

Algae growth on the roof’s surface can become a huge reason for the increase in your utility bills. Wondering how? Well, roofs should normally reflect sunlight and UV rays, but algae absorb it, increasing the temperature inside the house and rising the utility bills. Your shingles are consumed by algae and moss, which reduces their efficiency. Most homeowners are unaware of the fact that the organic material on their roofs is the cause of their rising energy costs.

Solar reflection on a roof is increased via rooftop cleaning. You may be assured that your family will experience more comfort and savings.

Types Of Roof Cleaning

Following are some types of cleaning roofs:

Soft wash roof cleaning:

It is the most used method for cleaning roofs. To rid your roof of surface scum, mold, germs, stains, dirt, debris, moss, and other irritants, normally a mixture of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), water, and surfactants is fed through a low-pressure washer. It is an effective way of cleaning without damaging roof tiles and shingles.

This method often uses a bigger volume of water versus pressure and cleaning products with a higher concentration. Application is gentle and uses less force than what your garden hose would provide. After finishing, the solution may be left on the surface, like with a roof, to kill all weeds right down to their roots, as opposed to siding, where it is normally washed off. Concentrations on roofs are usually greater than those on the siding.

Hand Scrape and Brush:

This method of cleaning or washing the roof involves scrubbing roof tiles by hand and is done from roof ladders. If you don’t want your roof to seem brand new, the best technique is to remove moss clumps with a stiff brush or scraper tool. This kind of cleaning is for people who just wish to get rid of a moss build-up for practical purposes.

Pressure Roof Cleaning:

As suggested by the name, pressure washing uses high water pressure to remove and clean any sort of dirt or build-up. When utilizing it to clean your roof, this might be troublesome because your roof wasn’t made to handle that much pressure. This method can damage your tiles or shingles and might scratch the surface of the roof causing it to fade and dry slower. Because of the porous nature of the roof, utilizing this approach will require more frequent cleaning and almost certainly result in leaks.

Roof cleaning must always be part of home maintenance work. It benefits the home by keeping it safe and exquisite. With a little bit of prevention, you won’t need to search for roof cleaning near me on your browser frantically.