All About Mosquito Ring Tones


Ringtone has become the most common and widely used term not only in the telecommunications industry but in general. A “ringtone” is a collection of music tracks or any sound effect used to draw the phone owner’s attention to an incoming call or message.

Different types of ringtones are easily available on the net. One of these rare ringtones is the mosquito ringtone, which is widely used by teenagers.

Mosquito ringtone is an audio sound below the normal range that an adult can hear. Simply put, it means that middle – aged and older people can not hear the ringtone. The idea was born out of the invention of the “teen bus” conceived by an Englishman to drive teenagers out of shops. The invention was said to make annoying noises to teenagers or young adults when discharged. 17 kHz noise does not affect the upper adolescents.

So, with this technology in mind, telecommunication wizards began to create a ringtone that would only be heard by teenagers and young adults Tone generator. It is a well-known fact that as a person gets older, their hearing becomes impaired, which in medical terms is called “presbycusis”. This ringtone is specially designed so that the younger generation can find the incoming call or message without the adults knowing.

In a classroom situation where a student receives a call or message to his mobile phone during class, he can better understand the situation. With the help of the mosquito ringer the teacher will have no knowledge of the call. This also applies to crowded places with family members. This technology in the phone industry has created a sensation among teenagers who think they have now achieved their intimacy. It also gave them the confidence that parents and superiors would not be noticed or listened to.

So, in the end, what started out as a technology for security purposes was eventually used to achieve a mosquito buzzer that would satisfy teenagers. Although the mosquito ringtone is designed in such a way that older people cannot hear the ringtone, some older people tend to hear the mosquito ringtone. So a warning to all young people, this is not 100% safe, maybe you should be careful and take a look before answering the call. You may never know that your grandmother would have good earrings.