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ljr refers to the top sneakers manufactured by a magnificent foundry that was run by none other than Jiarui Liu in eminent Putian City. The most famous ljr sneakers were the AJ1 series. To date, one cannot locate any other replica sneaker market that could have surpassed the AJ1 series of ljr.

It is amazing to note that the entire ljr sneakers encompassed in the widest ljr batch are manufactured at the Dongguan factory. This is simply due to the reason that the manufacturing unit of ljr sneakers at Dongguan is much more advanced in relation to their ljr shoes manufacturing unit in Putian.

Additionally, it is mind-blowing to find that the indicators produced by the elite manufacturing unit of ljr sneakers at Dongguan are much closer to the originals as compared to the ljr shoe manufacturing unit in Putian. 

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At jdfoot one can unbelievably buy different kinds of attractive ljr sneakers at a low price of 138 dollars per pair. These include the ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro LS Lightni, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro Zen Master, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Laser, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro Orange Metallic, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Blue, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Deep Ocean, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro Green Glow, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro PS Bred, ljr Air Jordan 4 Retro PS Royalty, ljr Air Jordan PS Fire Red, and more. The list is endless.

If one wishes to click on any of these astonishing ljr shoes he or she will be thrilled to find that there is a vast collection of sizes and besides there is an option of customized ljr rep shoes. However, there are the key order notes provided by jdfoot which are to be meticulously followed by their global customers.

Shipping policy and assurance of jd foot

Jdfoot has an unbeatable shipping policy for its worldwide customers. In order to ensure that ljr sneakers are accurately delivered to their customers, they request the customer to fill in the correct WhatsApp ID in their orders. Once the order is received jd foot staff will contact their customers within 24 hours to verify the delivery address.

Jdfoot sends the quality inspection photos of ordered rep shoes prior to shipping. After QC confirmation from the customer, they ship the order and provide the tracking details. Usually, jd foot uses the eminent services of DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS, etc. and delivery time is ten to twenty days since shipped. There are also low logistic fees of 38 dollars for each pair of normal shoes. For heavier shoes and faraway countries, the charges are a little more. 

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