Breast Augmentation mammoplasty, or endo-prosthetics of the mammary glands, is an operation to reshape and increase the size of the breast with the help of implants.

Breast augmentation or boob job restores boobs to their previous forms after the birth and feeding of the child, age-related changes, dramatic weight loss and removal of the mammary glands. Mammoplasty is suitable for women with voluminous hips and small breasts – after the plastic surgery, the body will be more harmonious.

How is breast plastic surgery

If a girl decides to enlarge her breasts in Turkey, she will have an hour-long consultation with a plastic surgeon. The doctor explains how the operation is carried out, what size and what shape of implants will fit best.

Hayatmed is the best place in Turkey where you can model a breast in 3D and see the result before the operation. The 3D model takes into account not only the wishes of the patient, but also her anatomy and properties of soft tissues, which allows you to choose the safest and most beautiful implant.

An important point is health diagnostics. At the consultation, the girl talks about chronic diseases, medications taken, and possible allergic reactions.

A plastic surgeon can prescribe additional examinations from a gynecologist, endocrinologist and other specialists. You do not need to look for them – all specialists work in Hayatmed plastic Surgery Clinic. 

What are the implants

Endoprosthesis are round and drop-shaped (anatomical). Anatomical, with a smoother transition of the chest wall to the mammary gland, are more suitable for thin girls – so it is less noticeable that the breast has been operated on.

The size and shape of endoprostheses are selected at the consultation, based on the anatomical features of the girl and her wishes. For clarity, the surgeon draws the possible results of the operation directly on the body, in front of the mirror.

Breast plastic surgery and breastfeeding

You can feed with implants. They do not affect the quantity and quality of milk. However, if a periareolar section occurs – an incision along the edge of the areola – the milk ducts may become damaged.

Breast augmentation surgery can be done six months after the end of breastfeeding – during this time, the tissues have time to recover and the hormonal background is normalized.

How is the operation going

The incision can be made in three places:

  • Under the mammary gland along its natural fold – an inframammary approach;
  • Along the edge of the areola – periareolar access;
  • In the armpit – axillary access.
  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts from 70 minutes to 4.5 hours

After operation

The patient is transferred to the ward, where they usually stay for two days. In Istanbul at Hayatmed you can choose both an individual ward and a ward for two patients.

Pain syndromes after breast augmentation are felt for three days. Examinations take place no more than once a month, but the woman is always in touch with the surgeon – she can call at any time.

After the operation, you need to sleep only on your back for three days, and wear compression underwear for a month and a half.

Two weeks after the operation, you can get behind the wheel and have sex, after a month – go to the gym and do exercises without stress on your arms and chest. After three months it is allowed to sleep on the stomach.

The final appearance of the breast is assessed in six months – during this time there is a complete “shrinkage” of the tissues.